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Summer Fever – M. Craft

July 9, 2013


[soundcloud id=’100073144′ color=’#00f0ff’]

Summer Fever - M. Craft

Hopefully you’re familiar with one of our sponsored artist’s M. Craft. Known for his smooth beats and jazzy vibes, M. Craft brings his style into this new heavy brass summer jam. ‘Extracurricular ACTivity’ drops July 14th, so stay tuned for more chill tracks to add to your summer playlist.



Daily Hype Hip-Hop

Live It Up – M. Craft

June 14, 2013



[soundcloud id=’96785242′ color=’#00f0ff’]

Download Live It Up - M. Craft

M. Craft is back, prepping for the drop of his Mixtape “Extracurricular ACTivity” on June 30th, and sent this smooth jam our way. If you’re not a fan of his jazzy/classy vibe than you probably shouldn’t check out all of his other suit-and-tie style tracks that fans ate up over the last few months. However, I know most of you enjoy M. Crafts music, so show him some love on Twitter and spread the hype for #ExtracurricularACTivity.

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Sounds Like This – M. Craft (Music Video)

June 7, 2013



Hopefully you remember M. Craft as the headliner artist for our Smoking After Dark Mixtape, if not then you should get familiar. His vibe has always been this smooth, jazzy, yet still up beat feel. Enjoy the visuals and expect some more music from M. Craft in the near future.

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Therapy – M. Craft

March 25, 2013

[soundcloud id=’84775367′ color=’#00f0ff’]

Download M. Craft - M. Craft

Brand new track from M. Craft dropped last night, and as always he kills it with his smooth jazzy style. Clever lyricism, easy going flows, and a laid back beat… Exactly what you should expect on his upcoming mixtape, which doesn’t have a release date yet. Enjoy.

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A Very Green Christmas (Mixtape)

December 15, 2012

[soundcloud id=’2995600′ color=’#00f0ff’ format=’set’]

Download A Very Green Christmas (Mixtape)

Here it is, my Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa present to you all. Let me start by saying that these artists put together tracks for the tape with only 10 days notice, and if that isn’t impressive I don’t know what is.

Obviously the theme is Christmas and ‘Green’, so the tape has a pretty laid back vibe with some kick-ass production work. This Mixtape has something for everyone in it, the artists provide a wide variety of jams, and bring a lot of talent to the table lyrically. So light one up, download the tape, and enjoy yourself A Very Green Christmas.

Daily Hype Hip-Hop Mixtapes

Smoking After Dark (Mixtape)

November 13, 2012

[soundcloud id=’2746658′ color=’#00f0ff’ format=’set’]

Download Smoking After Dark Mixtape

Just in time for you late night smokers to go out. Put this together with the help of a brand new M.Craft track “Sounds Like This”, and a bunch of new tracks from up and coming artists. Not going to lie, “Pink Panther” might be the dopest track on this tape, but that might just be me. Take a listen, enjoy some fresh jazzy tunes to toke to. Be easy.

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Purple Craft – M. Craft

September 17, 2012

[soundcloud id=’60106984′ color=’#00f0ff’]


Download Purple Craft - M. Craft

New ish from my man M Craft came into my inbox today. Most of you have heard the song Purple Swag by A$AP Rocky, and I have to be honest, I kind of like Craft’s remix better. His flows have always gone hard, and this track didn’t disappoint. Give it a listen.

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Ooh La La – M. Craft

August 14, 2012

[soundcloud id=’56102349′ color=’#00f0ff’]

Download Ooh La La - M. Craft

Hell yes, I love hearing from new artists, especially with some hard flows like M. Craft. With a laid back beat, taken from the Fu Gee La instrumental by the Fugees, mixed with an extremely catchy chorus, you’ll be saying ‘Ooh La La’ by the end of this track. If you like what you hear, check out the ‘Views From A Rooftop’ mixtape on his bandcamp page