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Days – Mac Miller

April 22, 2015


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If you’ve been keeping up with Mac Miller at all, you know he’s been experimenting with some weird shit, and I’m not just referring to his music. After coming off what I can only describe as an extensive drug-binge, it sounds like he’s back to making coherent music. He’s changed his genre about 5 times in the last few years, and for those of you who have been around with us since the get-go, you probably remember his indie phase where he covered Bright Eyes’s First Day of My Life. I’m not saying he’s back to that just yet, but this track is definitely leaning towards the indie side of rap, and after the catastrophe of a project that he called Faces, it’s good to hear something even mildly ear pleasing from the teen-rap prodigy Mac Miller. Running his vocals from a heavy stereo-sound filter gives his sound a really trippy experimental twist, but his talent if shining through the oddity of it all, which somehow makes for an eerily addicting style, the melodic half of the song just keeps you interested the whole way through. Despite this weird slump he’s been in, it’s clear that the Mac Miller we all once loved from KIDS and Best Day Ever is still in there somewhere. Enjoy.

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Diablo – Mac Miller

February 11, 2014


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A new track from Mac Miller dropped today and it’s another lyrical massacre. This one on top of a dope piano based instrumental from his alter ego Larry Fisherman. Mac doesn’t need much of an introduction but he has said to expect big things from him in 2014. So enjoy this new release and watch out for more from the rap diablo in the future.

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I Come In Peace – Mac Miller

November 29, 2013


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It’s safe to say that Mac is all grown up, and his style has been reflecting that lately; No more knock knock-ing for you. His lyricism is at a different level and his diction portrays him as this homicidal philosopher, which is fantastic. The instrumental on this one is simple, yet psychedelic a lot like the instrumentals in his “Delusional Thomas” project released last month. The only difference is he didn’t feel the need to use that stupid voice on this one, thankfully. Anyways if you haven’t been acquainted with the new Mac Miller, this is the perfect time to go ahead and get your introduction.

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Chapter – Vinny Radio, Mac Miller & Dylan Reynolds

August 6, 2013



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A nice melodic, almost jazzy track for ya’ll to bump on this fine summer day. New face Vinny Radio dropped his EP “Broke” early last week and although the other tracks on the tape seemed like diamonds in the rough, I could tell this was a gem. The beautiful piano based beat is accompanied by meaningful lyrics about changing yourself, and self realization. Vinny recruits Mac Miller to spit a verse over this soulful track and both artists manage to find a way to make their verses relevant. Something we should all take away from this track? “realize the world ain’t gonna change, but you can.”

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Louder – Machine Gun Kelly (Freestyle)

November 22, 2012

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I’m usually not a huge MGK fan, even though I respect the hell out of him as a rapper, just because his style of flow seems a little messy to me. That being said, he’s definitely ON POINT with this Mac Miller freestyle. Everyone knows this is a sick ass beat, and a bunch of people have messed around with the instrumental of Mac’s track Loud, but not like this. Dopeness.

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Angeles – Mac Miller

September 8, 2012

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Mac comes back with another Indie Cover, completely revamping Elliot Smith’s ‘Angeles’. We heard his cover of Bright Eyes last week, which kind of kept to the script, but on this cover he really did his own thing. Honestly, I’m not feeling this as much as I was his last cover, but it’s still nice to hear a softer side of our favorite weed-rapper. Give it a listen.