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All Day (Kanye West Cover) – Mark Johns & Sweater Beats

May 4, 2015

All Day

Free Download | Download All Day (Kanye West Cover) - Mark Johns & Sweater Beats

Female vocalist Mark Johns has been making waves lately, linking up with prominent music producers to create original music and sultry renditions of hip-hop hits. This time around, she and Brooklyn’s Sweater Beats crafted their own synthy version of “All Day” by Kanye West. They trade heavy bass and trap production for modern electric guitar and Mark’s smooth and full vocals. The cover’s still got its own edge, but it’s not quite as dark and abrasive as the original. It’s a beautiful medley of electronic and rock music, a track that I wanna bump as I’m cruisin’ down the street with my clique. Grab the free download while it’s hot and check out more of Mark Johns on Soundcloud if you like what you hear.

Daily Hype Electronic Hip-Hop

In Paris (Ni**as in Paris Cover) – Mark Johns & Sable

February 7, 2015

In Paris

Download In Paris (Ni**as in Paris Cover) - Mark Johns & Sable

White girls singing covers of rap songs seems to be the hottest trend of the moment, and I can’t say I hate it. Female singer Mark Johns provides her own take on Kanye and Jay’s “Ni**as in Paris” with the help of super smooth Australian producer Sable. Mark’s voice is full and seemingly effortless, making the entire track feel deep and hypnotic. Show Sable and Mark some love by throwing their song a heart on HypeM. Looks like Mark Johns is going to be electronic music’s hottest new commodity, with notice already taken by Skrillex and collaborations with Vindata in the works. Enjoy the free download and be sure to keep up with this talented lady on Facebook and Twitter.