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Amber – SebzP & Marvin Dolo

January 6, 2016

Amber - SebzP & Marvin Dolo
Free Download | Amber - SebzP & Marvin Dolo

This duo has already proven how great their chemistry is with their last release KVSH Baby and Got It. Although I can’t say this drop surpasses the flawless sensuality of their first two collaborations, ‘Amber’ is still perfectly up to par with the rest of their material, and the production will certainly satiate your down tempo good-lovin’ palette.

A muffled backtrack loops underneath a grumbling bass line, crisp snare strikes, and some heavily synthesized vocals to create a sexy, mysterious environment. Sebz and Marvin both kill their verses, reciting lyrics about being on top, retaining a headstrong attitude, and choosing which girl to take home tonight. It’s not too diverse in the subject — Hennessy, weed, and women are common subjects in slow paced bedroom jams like this — but the vocal performance by Marvin Dolo more than suffices for the seemingly prosaic wording. All in all, it’s a great release from two of very underground R&B artists. If you’re looking for something to bump after date night, look no further. Cop the free download and show SebzP and Marvin Dolo some love on Soundcloud if you like what you hear.


Daily Hype Hip-Hop

KVSH Baby – SebzP & Marvin Dolo

January 13, 2015


Download KV$H Baby - SebzP & Marvin Dolo

SebzP has been killing these slow and seductive smoking serenades lately, and by enlisting the vocals of Marvin Dolo he’s been able to perfect this hazy piano-influenced R&B sound. Last we heard these two they were flaunting their wealth on Got It, which established the chemistry between these two New York-based artists. Today we’re graced with an exclusive download to their latest single ‘KV$H Baby’, yet another hot and heavy collaboration, this time focusing on a specific girl who brings out Sebz’s inner stoner. The lyricism is paired with ambient production; lots of reverb, lots of echo, a faint but palatable amount of autotune, and of course an elegant grand piano track. 2/3 of the way through the song however, SebzP sidetracks into a somber trail of thought reiterating his fears, flaws, and dismissive outlook brought on by the clouds of smoke. Give it a listen, if you or your lover like what you hear be sure to follow him on twitter and soundcloud.

Daily Hype Hip-Hop

Got It – Marvin Dolo & SebzP

November 29, 2014


Download Got It - Marvin Dolo & SebzP

If you were looking for a slow jam to seduce your date to, look no further. Marvin Dolo is a new name to the site, but hopefully you remember SebzP from his latest sensual release Wine Tip. Slow and steady percussion, suggestive synth, and a heavy ambient aura all converge to create an alluring beat for these two New York based artists to lay sensual bars over. Spoiling a queen with the finer things in life (in this case: kush, hennessy, and california-king beds) is an important step in winning over her affection, but nothing wins a girl over like good lovin’ music. Dim the lights, spit some game, and bump this track tonight if you’re feeling lucky. If you like what you hear, keep up with Marvin Dolo and SebzP via twitter.