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Jupiter Grayscale – Gallant

March 27, 2014


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Let me start by saying this is my favorite song from Gallant so far. I’ve been keeping up with all of his free releases since I first heard his single Manhattan last Winter, and as his portfolio has augmented, his style has matured from reverb-heavy R&B to a more professional crisp sound. This is the first release from Gallant that he hasn’t enlisted the help of Felix Snow, although the two seemingly went hand in hand. Instead, he recruited Maths Time Joy, a UK based singer and producer. The beat itself is amazing; a catchy-whistle tune paired with a glossy drum-beat keeps things progressing over countless intricately placed instruments. But as per usual, the best instrument on this track is Gallant’s vocals; flexing his range and lyricism throughout the entire 4 and a half minute melody. The hook made me think of that over-played Train song ‘Drops of Jupiter’, he uses the planet fading away as an analogy for missed opportunities and love he lost. All the ingredients are here for a good love-making track, so cop the free download and slow things down in the bedroom tonight; I promise you won’t regret either.

“and I was blaming you– an ego so inflated, and red infatuation so strong, decades overdue… regretting all the patience. I’m sorry that I waited too long. So if jupiter is finally fading out this time, let the fairytales we wrote about go black and white…”