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A Song To You (Outro) – Matt Burton

May 20, 2016

A Song To You (Outro) - Matt Burton
Free Download | A Song To You (Outro) - Matt Burton

It’s good to hear Matt Burton back on a beat like this; last month he was flowing over a heavy trap beat on 2VM in Portland and it just didn’t feel quite right. This slow, piano and percussion centered instrumental with a jazzy bass line, however, is an absolutely perfect setting for the long-haired artist to flow over.

As you can probably infer from the title, ‘A Song To You’ is a love song — in a sense. It’s an open apology, and a sensual way of asking for redemption from the girl he let down. I’m pretty sure we can connect the dots and consider this a part II of A Song To Love (Intro). Both songs sound like some form of encrypted love note, clearly intended for someone who’s listening. Although the lyrics are mildly easy to empathize with, they’re meant for easy listening, and that’s exactly how they came out. No matter where you’re kicking back, this is the kind of music you should have playing in the background.

Matt Burton isn’t new to our site at all, but if you’re just now hearing his angelic voice you should check out some of the tracks we’ve shared and throw him a follow on Soundcloud and Twitter.


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Waiting On The Sunrise – Felly & Matt Burton

May 4, 2016

Waiting On The Sunrise - Felly & Matt Burton
Free Download | Waiting On The Sunrise - Felly & Matt Burton

The first time I heard this song was when Felly and D. Brute recorded a little summertime jam session back in August of last year. Unfortunately D. Brute didn’t make it onto the final record, despite his surprisingly soothing vocals. Instead, Matt Burton made it in the cut, which is a collab we’ve been waiting far too long to hear.

‘Waiting On The Sunrise’ is the epitome of a feel-good summertime jam. The melancholy lyrics paired with the bouncy chords and waning synth leads make for a very Felly-branded single. The hook is about people who are working for the weekend, waiting for the good days to come around, and making it through the hard times. Fel’s career has taken off this year, with two big-city tours, appearances at a few music festivals, and a plethora of new fans from around the world. Summertime is when this Conn-Cali musician shows his true colors, and hopefully this is the first of many new tracks to drop.

Matt Burton is a Portland based artist that’s been struggling to get his career off the ground. He’s talented beyond comparison, but in a city where resources are limited and studios are few and far between, he’s having to put in twice the effort to get a somewhat marketable product out. He describes his situation best, saying “I need funds to escape, but the funds that I need ain’t gonna come til’ I’m made. So I’m stuck for awhile, until I get paid, but right now… the Ramen Noodles right next to the Hennessey.”

Cop the free download and show the prodigy Felly some love on Twitter and Soundcloud.

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2AM In Portland – Matt Burton & Punchie

April 17, 2016

2AM In Portland - Matt Burton & Punchie
Free Download | 2AM In Portland - Matt Burton & Punchie

Portland has slowly but surely been growing it’s hip-hop scene, and it’s artists like Matt Burton that have been bridging the gap for the city, combining their traditional indie-folk style with his own to create a new-wave of rapping. This track he just did with another Portland native, Punchie, is by far the most genre-specific song he’s released yet — it’s an auto-tuned trap anthem through and through, and they nailed it.

The song starts with the artists reciting their zip code, 97005, which is actually the zip for the Portland suburb of Beaverton, Orgeon. It’s kind of ironic, especially when you categorize Portland as a city full of hipsters, that these guys from the suburbs are dropping such a hard track about catching bodies and having unmatched flows, but all prior-knowledge aside, it’s a good song. The beat is simple, the lyrics aren’t anything too special, but it’s vibey. The hypnotic synth pads, panning from side to side as the song progresses, make an easy instrumental for these two artists to flow over.

This definitely isn’t the Matt Burton we grew to love on Backwoods and BMWs, the melodic singing and introspective lyrics seem to have faded, if only for a moment. Personally, I think the sound Matt Burton comprised in his early career was more unique and personal than this, but every song has it’s audience. If you’re feeling it be sure to throw Matt a follow on Soundcloud and Twitter to show some support.

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Wishes – Ben Owens & Matt Burton

February 23, 2016

Wishes - Ben Owens & Matt Burton
Free Download | Wishes - Ben Owens & Matt Burton

We’ve been fans of Ben Owens from the jump, and in all the tracks he’s released over the last few months, not a single one has disappointed. “Wishes” keeps the true to the trend, and features another Portland native — one who I’m sure you’re all somewhat familiar with by now — Matt Burton.

The song starts with a slow, somber piano progression backed by hollow percussion. Ben starts his verse when the tempo doubles, asking a contemplative question about love and describing his apprehension and mixed emotions. He showcases some of his best writing as well, singing “So hard to know what’s up, when you’re always feeling down. Seems to always go, but never comes around.”

When the beat drops at 1:08 you can feel the wave of bittersweet despondency hit. Bass drums kick underneath a stuttered high-hat arrangement, filling the vacancies in production as Matt Burton sings a vibey hook about filling his personal void with alcohol. Ben’s second verse is backed by Matt’s harmonies, and their chemistry manifests into a beautiful, sensual sound that’s unique in every aspect.

Constant improvement is something you can always expect from Ben Owens, so throw him a follow on Twitter and Soundcloud to show some support.

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Momma’s Whip – Matt Burton

January 18, 2016

Momma's Whip - Matt Burton
Free Download | Momma's Whip - Matt Burton

This is the kind of music that Matt Burton was meant to make: easy going, authentic, lightly produced indie rap jams. He finds his comfort zone on a self made instrumental, rolling in with some slow paced 50 BPM percussion and suitcase keys. Although the lineup of instruments is simple, the track is deep and soulful in every aspect.

We all remember cruising around in our mom’s whip after we first got our license, the early high school days where freedom was foreign to us. Your first car is something that holds a lot of your memories because it’s where a lot of your firsts took place. Matt reminisces, singing “I made love in that whip, I did drugs in that whip, I threw up in that whip, oh I grew up in that — I grew up in that whip.” It’s an easy song to identify with, and the slow industrial beat sounds makes for perfect cruising music, no matter what sound system you’re working with.

Matt’s a hard working kid out of Portland, OR, and despite not having the equipment or production team that some artists have, he pulls together some amazing tunes. Check him out on Twitter and Soundcloud if you like what you hear.


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A Song To Love – Matt Burton

January 15, 2016

A Song To Love - Matt Burton
Free Download | A Song To Love - Matt Burton

Matt Burton is an artist from Portland that’s been featured on our site a couple of times now, primarily for his unique style of sing-rap that’s been compared to Chance the Rapper. For awhile he was putting out some pretty poorly produced content, but after a trip to LA and some quality time with one of our favorite artists Felly, he’s back in the cut with a brand new song that is the epitome of chill.

With a slow, beautiful melody over clean progressive piano chords, you can’t help but sit back and close your eyes and let the baseline — which will come in at around 30 seconds to solidify the instrumetnal — reverberate in your head. ‘A Song To Love’ is just that, and it never loses this indescribable feeling, but builds in increments, keeping things interesting all the way through. The silky flow that Burton raps with is what really sticks out, and as with most of his music it perfects the tone of the whole song. He’s definitely an artist to keep an eye on, so don’t be shy, throw him a follow on Soundcloud and Twitter to show some support.

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Young Summer – Matt Burton (Mixtape)

July 23, 2015

young summer matt burton

Free Download | Young Summer - Matt Burton (Mixtape)

Matt Burton’s one of the few great artists we know based out of Portland, but man does he represent his city well. This tape he just released is fire, from front to back. Although three of the tracks are old material, the lucidity of this project is evident; sample-heavy production, the fluid sing-rap style he’s enveloped, and lyrics covering topics like addiction, relationships, dreams, drugs, and BMWs. The 7-track EP is the first of many tracks to come from this young musician, and if the current trend continues he’s going to be huge. The vibes he radiates in his music are full of emotion, every single song expresses a different side of him — occasionally he’ll even switch up the beat mid-way through the track and change the aura entirely. All in all, the best part of this Young Summer EP is Matt’s writing. He’s an exceptionally perspicacious, insightful, and clever; every track you hear on this project has quotable bars. My recommendation? Listen to this project through and through. Cop the free download, and show Matt Burton some love on twitter and soundcloud.

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Tequila Sunrise – Matt Burton

July 2, 2015

tequila sunrise matt burton art

Free Download | Tequila Sunrise - Matt Burton

We’ve been bumping Matt Burton in our whip for months now, and thankfully he dropped his latest release for free tonight, so we get to share it with y’all. His style is this sort of sing-rap that I can really only compare to Chance The Rapper (you’ll probably catch the cocoa butter kisses reference), but his bars showcase mature lyricism that’s far more insightful than some of the more tenured artists in the industry. If you’re like me, when someone mentions a tequila sunrise you think of an ice-y glass of orange juice and tequila with a splash of grenadine. This young Portland-based artist played off the tropical vibes of the cocktail and created a track that captures the tangy, intoxicating, and sensual aura. If you like what you hear, you NEED to go check out the rest of the material on his soundcloud, everything Matt has dropped so far is golden.