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I Just Want You – Matt DiMona

October 29, 2015

I Just Want You - Matt DiMona
Free Download | I Just Want You - Matt DiMona

We’ve posted nothing but remixes from Matt DiMona to date — he hasn’t dropped any 100% original material in the last two years we’ve been keeping up with him — but today we’re getting a look at the real Matthew DiMona. “I Just Want You” is an ambient indie house jam on the surface, but underneath the feel-good facade there’s a beautifully written love song about infatuation, captivation, and fear of rejection. An upbeat drum loop leads into an atmospheric array of synths as Matt depicts the surreal sighting; a girl in a black dress standing across the room gives him this sudden surge of attraction, and the production seems to flow in sync with his emotions as the track dives into melodic breakdowns, dreamy samples, and some hypey house strings. Matt describes the track himself, saying “It’s a song about a girl who means a lot to me, and how i felt when i met her for the first time. If you know me well, you know that I’ve been writing songs ever since I started making GarageBand beats in middle school… Now that I am about to graduate college in the Spring, it feels right to finally put myself out there as a singer and songwriter in addition to being a producer and DJ…”. Check it out, if you like what you hear be sure to give Matt a follow on Soundcloud and Twitter.

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90210 – Blackbear & G-Eazy (Matt Dimona Remix)

May 16, 2015


Free Download | 90210 - Blackbear & G-Eazy (Matt Dimona Remix)

You’ve gotta love Matt DiMona. His remixes are always concise, creative, and tend to do the original tracks justice. This is his most recent creation, and thankfully it’s a free bootleg of the amazing collab between Blackbear & G-Eazy. The original track was great, but if I’m being honest, the lightweight-house style that Matt has perfected is just ecstasy to my ears. From the distant percussion to the blaring synth-lead, everything comes together to create this dream-like aura over the Cali-centered vocals. Amazing work, definitely worth a listen, and if you haven’t already you should follow Matt DiMona on soundcloud and twitter.

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Fast Life – Asher Roth (Matt Dimona Remix)

May 13, 2014


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Download Fast Life - Asher Roth (Matt DiMona Remix)

Go ‘head and sip on your margarita poolside while you enjoy Matt DiMona’s remix of Fast Life by Asher Roth. Some of you might still be finishing up school but don’t forget to take a break from the fast life and let those good vibes wash over you. Music releases like this make you feel like summer is on its way, despite the dreadful exams that may stand in your way. Fast Life was already a way chill song, but with Matt DiMona’s nu-disco touch, it’s a crowd-pleaser for hip-hop lovers and indie kids alike. For more feel-good house remixes, study up on Matt DiMona’s Soundcloud.

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Girls Love Beyonce – Drake (Matt Dimona Remix)

January 28, 2014

mattdimona[soundcloud id=’130494906′ color=’#00F0FF’]

Download Girls Love Beyonce - Drake (Matt Dimona Remix)

New producer to the game and student at USC, Matt Dimona, just dropped a remix of Drake’s Girls Love Beyonce, an upbeat ethereal take on this smooth R&B track. Dimona keeps a great balance of implementing a more progressive house/club beat beneath the vocals while still maintaining the song’s original essence. The extended 6-minute remix is great for mixing into DJ sets, and I’d definitely recommend you throw this one on your After Hours playlist to enjoy with a special someone. For more music from Matt Dimona, head on over to his soundcloud. Check up on his page soon for the release of his first EP.