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Money – Lido (McClenney Remix)

September 11, 2014


Download Money - Lido (McClenney Remix)

Lido’s I Love You EP has had a buzz around it all Summer, accumulating over a million plays in the last 2 months alone. Despite the fact that the original isn’t free, producers around the world have been trying their hand at reworking the 4-track masterpiece, including Stwo’s remix of Lost that we put on the site back in July. This time McClenney is on the beat, carving a fat bass line and fluctuation drum beat into Lido’s original track ‘Money‘. As you’re hit with waves up trance-influenced production and chopped up samples of Lido, it’s impossible to keep from vibing out and nodding your head in sync with the shallow drops. Enjoy, and don’t forget to throw Lido and McClenney a follow on twitter.