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Kyrie Irving – Lil Cray & Machine Gun Kelly

October 11, 2015

kyrie irving
Free Download | Kyrie Irving - Lil Cray & Machine Gun Kelly

Cleveland basketball is back in season, and the Cavaliers are excited to kick off their first game with the return of their previously injured Point Guard: Kyrie Irving. MGK and Lil Cray are both notorious C-Town rappers, and their dedication to their city includes the city’s best sport franchise. A fat bass line rides across the arpeggiated piano chords as Lil Cray and MGK lay down two hard-hitting verses about running their city, “balling on you bitches” like Kyrie Irving, and pulling dimes everywhere they go. Check it out, cop the free DL if you like what you hear, and be sure to show Machine Gun Kelly some love on Soundcloud and Twitter.

Daily Hype Hip-Hop

Sail – Machine Gun Kelly

April 23, 2014



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Download Sail - Machine Gun Kelly

Ohio’s very own MGK turns the radio famous Sail by Awolnation into a flat-out dirty rap anthem. The production is by far the best part of the song; the reverbing electo-synth, snare that slaps harder than Sharkeisha, and a bass line that’s sure to turn some heads. I was expecting Kelly to drop a few fast paced bars on a beat this fat, but he keeps a steady tempo and just focuses on spitting some untouchable lyricism. The visuals are another story entirely; from the second the video starts you know you’re going to enjoy the next 3 minutes of your life. It’s obvious that they put a ton of work into choreographing this shit, not to mention that the video was all done in less than 10 shots; meaning that everything had to go right or they’d start from scratch. Hopefully you dig it as much as we did, Lace the fuck up and enjoy yet another free download from Machine Gun Kells.

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Black Flag – Machine Gun Kelly (Mixtape)

June 26, 2013


Download Black Flag - Machine Gun Kelly (Mixtape)

Kells has proven once again that he is easily one of the most humble artists in the game, releasing his much anticipated album “Black Flag” FO’ FREE. I’ve been keeping up with Kells since “100 Words and Running” dropped in 2010, but Black Flag is by far the best collective work the young rapper from Cleveland has released to date. If your a fan of MGK your sure to have noticed him growing into his own, and finding his niche in the game. Well this release is physical proof that he has matured, and that the quality of his work will only improve. The mixtape has the perfect mixture of slow, soulful tracks that really let you into the mind of MGK (Raise the Flag, Home Soon) and classic Kell’s tracks that deliver that rapid fire, machine gun like flow that first helped earn him his spot in the game (Breaking News, Skate Cans). Tracks on this mixtape that must be heard? It’s highly recommend you listen to the tape the whole way through, but if your just looking to throw a couple new tracks on your Ipod before you hit the door listen to: Baddest, Home Soon, 50 feat French Montana, and my personal favorite Black Tuxedo.

Daily Hype Hip-Hop

Louder – Machine Gun Kelly (Freestyle)

November 22, 2012

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Download Louder - Machine Gun Kelly (Freestyle)

I’m usually not a huge MGK fan, even though I respect the hell out of him as a rapper, just because his style of flow seems a little messy to me. That being said, he’s definitely ON POINT with this Mac Miller freestyle. Everyone knows this is a sick ass beat, and a bunch of people have messed around with the instrumental of Mac’s track Loud, but not like this. Dopeness.