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Way Down – Mike Stud

August 20, 2015

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Free Download | Way Down - Mike Stud

Once again, Mike Stud flexes his versatility on yet another idiosyncratic release. The multifaceted artist kicks things back over a Louis Bell produced beat; leaning heavy towards his R&B side, Mike Stud’s refined vocals and lyricism eloquently mold into the airy aura emanating from the dirty bass line, reverb-heavy synth, and distant piano melodies. The track wouldn’t be complete without at least one verse from Stud, but rest assured, he squeezes a few sick bars into the second half of the track that are worth a second listen. Mike is on a serious heat streak right now, if you haven’t been keeping up with him lately you should do your homework and throw him a follow on soundcloud and twitter.

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These Days – Mike Stud

July 26, 2015

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Free Download | These Days - Mike Stud

This is EXACTLY what I was hoping Mike Stud would release this weekend; we haven’t had a solo record from him yet this summer, and I was starting to wonder whether or not he was going to pull in features every Sunday Stud Day. Unlike his past few songs, These Days touches on a more personal note, while still maintaining the rigorous tone he’s hit on every song this year; sexy fan-girls, the change from being an east coast “frat rapper” to being a serious musician living out in Los Angeles, and the steal-your-girl mentality are the foundation of this song. The hook is killer, the vocals are impeccable, and the track is just an all around banger — there’s no reason you shouldn’t download this right now. Follow Mike on twitter and soundcloud if you’re about it.

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Never Going Back – Mike Stud, Moosh & Twist

July 21, 2015

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Free Download | Never Going Back - Mike Stud & OCD: Moosh & Twist

None of Mike Stud’s routine Sunday releases have featured artists I’ve recognized, but we’re very familiar with OCD: Moosh & Twist. Everything Mike has dropped lately has been a banger, and this song follows suit. The fast paced instrumental is laced with violin melodies, random samples, and consistently enticing percussion. Each verse goes off in its own right, but Mike’s rap/sing flow is just form-fitting to this production. Each verse is littered with quotable bars, so give the track a listen and cop the free download if you’re feeling it.


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Minute – Mike Stud & G4shi

July 13, 2015

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Free Download | Minute - Mike Stud & G4shi

Another Sunday means another Stud-day release. Mike has been teaming with a bunch of rappers I’ve never really heard of, but G4shi pairs nicely with the former frat-rap star. From New York to Los Angeles, Mike has developed his style and sound to something more mature, yet he still retains the reckless don’t-give-a-shit quality that’s defined his persona thus far. Anthem vibes are the beat of choice this summer, and Mike Stud has been seizing every Sunday by dropping quotable bars over in-house production. Cop the free download, and keep your eyes on the movement Mike has stirred up in LA by following him on twitter and soundcloud.

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California – Mike Stud & Tdot Illdude

July 10, 2015

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Free Download | California - Mike Stud & Tdot Illdude

As you may know, Sunday Stud-days are back, so Mike Stud is promising to release some consistent new music for the first time in a long time. He’s kicking things off with an ode to Beverley Hills and a turn up anthem featuring Tdot Illest. Despite the fact that Mike has been away from the studio for a few months, it’s clear that he had no problem hoping back in and dropping a heater. With a whole team of producers behind the instrumental, you can imagine what the hypey synth, dirty bass line, and plethora of Stud inspired samples sound like. If you’ve ever lived out in California, you understand that the mindset out there is greedy, hungry, and competitive. Cop the free download, follow Mike Stud on twitter and soundcloud, and keep this anthem on deck for your next trip to the west coast.

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Whatever – Mike Stud & Sammy Adams

July 1, 2014


[soundcloud id=’156594450′ color=’#00f0ff’]

Download Whatever - Mike Study & Sammy Adams

He wears tank tops in the winter, sunglasses inside, and sounds almost as white as Hoodie Allen when he raps. It’s Mike Stud homie. Sorostitutes flock to his shows to hear his shockingly smooth tracks, and inbetween panty-dropping hooks he chugs brews on stage, but what else would you expect from the King of Frat Rap? Whether you like him or not, you have to admit that this track just makes you want to poor up on the beach and drink the day away. He has a very distinct style, impossible to replicate, but throwing Sammy Adams on the track was the fucking cherry on top. Sammy sounds less high-pitched and delivers some harder lyrics so he’s a lil bit easier to vibe to if you’re a hip-hop fan.  Give it a listen, check out the rest of Mike Stud’s tracks on the site and follow him on twitter too.

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I’m Not Sorry – Mike Stud (Acoustic)

June 9, 2013



Download I'm Not Sorry - Mike Stud (Acoustic)

Mike Stud decided to bring back his #SundayStudDays today after he got over 1,500 Retweets. So here’s Mike Stud, doing a SundayStudDay performance for you; an acoustic cover of “I’m Not Sorry” off his most recent album Relief. He broke out his panty dropper vocals and slowed down his already great track, so don’t play this in front of your girlfriend unless you want her swooning over the king of frat rap.

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Mike Stud & KURT Free Ticket Giveaway

September 19, 2012

[soundcloud id=’55527391′ color=’#00f0ff’]

So since my birthday, October 7th, is coming up… I agreed to do a free ticket give away for this sure-to-be-amazing concert, featuring Mike Stud (who I’m sure you all know by now) and a new artist that I just started looking into; KURT. Check him and his soundcloud out.

But most importantly, FREE CONCERT TICKETS. I’ve got 4 free tickets to Mike Stud’s show in NY with KURT, and they could be yours. Here’s what you have to do. Either send a tweet to me at @UniversityHype with your name, and a picture of you and the person you’d bring if you got these free tickets from me, or shoot me an e-mail with the same thing at thedean@universityhype.com. On Sunday I’ll pick 2 people who look like the most die-hard fans, and send each winner 2 tickets (so that you can bring a friend).

Good Luck, and keep it classy.

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Tipsy (Remix) – Mike Stud

August 20, 2012

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Download Tipsy (Remix) - Mike Stud

Another fantastic installment of StudDaySunday, brought to you by Mike Stud and his producer Judge. If you haven’t heard the original track, you’ve been under a cave, and need to go download the Go Hard Mixtape. Anyways, this is what you’d expect from Mike, catchy flows, hot girls, and alcohol. Enjoy.

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One More Night – Mike Stud & ELEW

August 12, 2012


[soundcloud id=’56113439′ color=’#00f0ff’]

One More Night - Mike Stud & ELEW

The combination of these two is perfect.. ELEW kills it on piano, obviously, and absolutely revamps this track by Maroon 5 into a soft acoustic melody. Without a doubt though, Mike Stud’s vocals are the heart and soul of the cover. I knew the man was a good singer, but this was just on point. Check it out, hopefully you can dig the more sad/soft side of your frat rapper.