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I’m On That – Nikko Lafre & Drew Love

November 26, 2013


Download I'm On That - Nikko Lafre & Drew Love

Some of ya’ll might recognize this collab from the “Situations” track we posted a little over a month ago, and I’m beginning to think this tag team is incapable of disappointing. This is a leak off Nikko’s newest project entitled “Survival: Face the World” which does not have a confirmed release date yet. Unlike the last track which focused on the pain and suffering experienced in the past, this track is all about what kinda shit Nikko and Drew are on now. Although you might expect a track entitled “I’m On That” to be a banger, it’s actually very melodic and ambient. With Nikko keeping it street on the verses, and Drew Love’s heavenly voice on the chorus this joint doesn’t leave much to be desired. You don’t need me to tell you that though, hit that play button and hear it for yourself and make sure to stay posted for more information on Nikko’s upcoming project.

Daily Hype Hip-Hop

Situations – Nikko Lafre & Drew Love

October 14, 2013


Download Situations - Nikko Lafre & Drew Love

A dose of realness for ya’ll today from a new artist to the site, Nikko Lafre. This is by no means a feel good song, and actually focuses more on the loss and the pain Nikko experienced growing up in the game then anything. Some of ya’ll might not be able to relate directly to the verses in this joint but I figured we’ve probably all seen a friend turn foe to be where we’re at today so really listen to what Nikko has to say. Other then the verses the production work is solid, and Drew Love sounds almost angelic singing on the hook. Anyways if you’ve had dirt thrown on your name, or been dragged through the shit in general I recommend hitting that play button one time.