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I Need – Emilio Paredes

September 14, 2014


Download I Need - Emilio Paredes (Prod. NOVA)

We first heard Emilio on his summer-anthem Night’s Long feat. Steezefield & Mayo, so I was surprised, and not really sure what to expect from him on this intoxicating beat from NOVA. The syncopated production sets an eerie vibe; distant keys and synths highlight the steady claps and deformed vocal samples. The hook is dampened with reverb and ambient effects, repeating the ephemeral two lines “I don’t know what I’m looking for, I don’t know what I need..” until Emilio comes in at the one minute mark. He keeps the mellifluous vibes going, admitting connections he’s lost, but retaining his hubristic view of the future. He artfully finishes the track with a distorted prayer for direction, and a thought-provoking quote from the Netflix show Bojack Horseman. Don’t sleep, Emilio’s dropped nothing but great material so far and I guarantee you it’ll only get better from here. Follow Emilio Paredes and NOVA on twitter, and don’t forget to like his facebook to see all his free downloads.



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Video Girl – Jon Waltz

June 23, 2014


Download Video Girl - Jon Waltz

It’s been a fat minute since I’ve been able to post some new free Jon Waltz, but as he gears up for the release of his first project Alyss he graced us with a new free track. As with most of his material thus far, Jon keeps things dark and ambient; a distant wobbly synth is the background for crisp drums, eerie samples, and twisted lyrics about falling deeper and deeper into a hole of self-destructive behavior. I feel like I’ve sidelined Jon Waltz simply because he hasn’t been releasing free material, but every now and then he shoots me something to remind me how incredibly unique his sound is. He, NOVA, and Zayd all play into each other’s weird somber vibes, which has sort of evolved into an Alice In Wonderland-esque sound, hence the project title Alyss.  Although I can’t say when the project is dropping, or whether or not it’ll be free, I can unquestionably say that the Penthouse Music collective has perfected their strange experimental style. Give it a listen, cop the free download and keep up with Jon via twitter.