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Attica 71′ – Olivver The Kid

February 10, 2015


Download Attica 71' - Olivver The Kid

Olivver has been releasing acoustic renditions of his most popular tracks over the past couple of months, and this execution of Attica 71′ is the newest of his reworkings to be added to our portfolio. Trading in his reverb-heavy electric guitar and strumming the chords slowly on an acoustic changes the song more than you would think, accentuating his voice and really emphasizing the artistry behind the fully-produced song. In his rawest form, Olivver still never ceases to impress. Follow him on twitter if you like what you hear, and check out some of his older material if you’re new to him.

Daily Hype Indie

Lucy (Acoustic) – Olivver

December 28, 2014


Download Lucy (Acoustic) - Olivver

If you recall Skizzy Mars’s rendition of Lucy from last summer, than hopefully you’re familiar with the original artist Olivver. His retro style fit the young NYC rapper’s palette beautifully, but concealed the true talent of this aspiring LA based musician. The power of his vocals, lyricism, and overall song construction is plain as day on this newly released acoustic rendition of Lucy. The finger picked chords reverberate off his feathery voice warmly, off-set only by samples from the original track. Give it a listen, enjoy the free download, and be sure to follow Olivver on twitter to show some support.