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Boy On The Come Up – OnCue

May 19, 2016

Boy On The Come Up - OnCue
Free Download | Boy On The Come Up - OnCue

OnCue really is blowing up in 2016, and that’s not an overstatement. The four singles he’s dropped since January have all single-handedly accrued more plays than anything on his last project Angry Young Man, and the Brooklyn based MC has no intention of slowing down.

‘Boy On The Come Up’ is exactly what it sounds like, and exactly what you’d expect given the vibe of his last few releases. Cuey spits fire all over this Brenton Duvall produced instrumental, kicking things off with a quick verse about grinding day-and-night, dreams of “Louis V lining and Michelin Star dining” coming to fruition, and an ever-expanding list of groupies. OnCue has always been an intellectual writer who delivers clever rhymes and analogies, but his hooks have never been consistently great until now. Once again he’s managed to create an anthem-esque chorus that is sure to have parties popping across the world. Moreover, this material is the kind of music that fills out venues. This is the sound Cuey has been growing towards, and it’s beautiful to finally see him live up to the potential I saw in him back in 2010.

The ambient keys, the hyphy drum sequences, and the fulfilling words of OnCue make this song a must listen. Check it out and show the boy some love on Twitter and Soundcloud if you like what you hear.

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3AM – OnCue

April 11, 2016

3AM - OnCue
Free Download | 3AM - OnCue

Cuey’s last project, Angry Young Man, dropped almost two years ago and marked the highest point in his career to date. He worked with a team of great producers, flexed confidence and precision behind the mic, and turned his vision into a tangible, downloadable, and audible project. Despite all of this, AYM didn’t blow up the way it should have. After all this time, the tape only accrued over 100,000 plays on three of it’s songs, two of which were singles.

In 2016 Cuey showed why he’d been in reclusion ever since his project dropped in 2014: rebranding. His sound has never been an issue; his flows are unique, his beats are a heart-warming blend of hip-hop and indie genres, and his lyrics are insightful and relatable. Although the changes are subtle, they’re definitely noticeable. From the CRWN sampled production on his last single, to the big-room ambient sound on ‘3AM’, Cuey has been delivering memorable, melodic lyrics that somehow seem more memorable and quotable than his prior material.

Although these new singles haven’t hinted at a new project, each song that he’s put out this year has been bigger, better, and seemingly more coordinated than anything he’s done in the past. ‘3AM’ is a song about a late-night booty call to a girl who means more to Cue than he’s willing to admit to her. It features some stellar production from Myles Williams, who’s produced for the likes of Lil’ Wayne, Fetty Wap, and BoB.

This is the year OnCue makes it, no doubt. He’s scheming something big right now, and you aren’t going to want to miss it. Make sure you follow him on Soundcloud, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube to keep up with his latest drops.

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Eat Your Heart Out – OnCue

January 14, 2016

Eat Your Heart Out - OnCue
Free Download | Eat Your Heart Out - OnCue

OnCue has been on this site countless times, and so far has not disappointed. With his soft, airy voice and his unpredictable flow throughout, there is nothing to dislike about this track. It starts out with a muffled RnB beat for the build up. Slowly as the chorus starts the snare and high-hat accent the beat, and the synthesizers begin to fill the voids while the bass is gliding underneath.

Compared to his last release Set It Off, ‘Eat Your Heart Out’ is much more of an easy ride and a little cliché. I have to say as almost every love story goes, analyzing his past relationship and telling his ex to eat her heart out is easy to empathize with. The way Cuey delivers this lyrics filled with soul makes it really easy to relate to him as an artist and as a person. This is something to listen to when you’re deep in thought or if you’re going through a break up, but surely I’m sure you can find more times where this song is fitting. Check out OnCue on SoundCloud and Twitter if you like what you hear.

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Same Sheets – Rhett Wellington, OnCue, Alex Jordahl, & Sophia Z

July 31, 2015

same sheets art

Free Download | Same Sheets - Rhett Wellington, OnCue, Alex Jordahl, & Sophia Z

This line up was unexpected — I was honestly wondering whether any of these artists were going to drop a track this summer, but I couldn’t have predicted they’d be dropping a collab together, much less collabing on an original Rhett Wellington beat. Surprisingly, the production is awesome; a soft guitar progression at it’s core, arpeggiated electronic keys over the verses, and a hypnotizing high-hat sequence throughout the instrumental make for a deep back-track to the despondent lyricism. Rhett has come a LONG way over the last few years. He submitted his first project to me all the way back in 2012 when I was running the site by myself, and although I didn’t post his music initially I knew he had the potential and the passion to become a great artist. The features on this track are no strangers to UniversityHype either, and each verse resonates with each musician’s unique style and flow. The gist of the track is getting tired of doing the same shit, sleeping in the same bed, being with the same person all the time, and figuring out how to deal with someone who isn’t as driven as you are. It was easy for me to empathize with, and hopefully this song hits home for you too. Cop the free download if you like what you hear, and be sure to follow Rhett Wellington, OnCue, Alex Jordahl, and Sophia Z on twitter to show some support.

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Set It Off – OnCue

March 2, 2015


Download Set It Off - OnCue

New joint from OnCue, and the first listen we’ve had from him since AYM dropped all the way back in September. He drops into the Red Bull studios in NYC to spit some carefully crafted rhymes over some fat Jitta On The Track production, revealing that he’s been making some clever career moves behind the curtain. Cue has been in the game for a few years now, and although he hasn’t had the blowing-up over-night experience, he’s definitely earned a notable following and asserted himself as a unique rapper with an irreplicable sound. Check it out, follow Cue on twitter, and stay hyped for his next release.

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Angry Young Man (Mixtape) – OnCue

September 3, 2014


Free Download | Angry Young Man (Mixtape) - OnCue

After over a year of waiting, anxious fans were finally blessed today with OnCue’s greatest project yet; AYM. The tape aggregates his best work into a precisely arranged gem; working with a team of talented producers has done wonders for Cue, his confidence behind the mic and overall artistry reflects the professionalism he’s learned from peers, yet still preserves the unique sound we’ve come to expect from him. I was a little bit off-put when I saw that no one was featured on the tape, but as I listened I started to understand why he wanted to be the only voice on his debut album. The overall vibe is somewhere between ebullient anthems and melancholy serenades, showing a surprising amount of flexibility within the boundaries of his style of music. Great project, definitely worth a listen. If I had to have a favorite, it’d be the revamped version of ‘Running’ from his last project Can’t Wait; the production gains new life from Just Blaze, and Cuey re-records a few parts with better mastering to give an already dope track the polished finish it deserves. No matter who you are, I’m sure you can relate to at least one of these songs in one way or another.


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So Much Love – OnCue

August 22, 2014


[soundcloud id=’163920783′ color=’#00f0ff’]

Download So Much Love - OnCue

With OnCue’s album AYM dropping on September 3rd, it’s about damn time we got the first single off the album. The production by Hudson Mohawke & Just Blaze was a bit unsettling at first, but as soon as Cue starts flowing over it you can tell why he picked it for his much anticipated project. It’s an up-beat end of the summer pop-esque anthem, which isn’t my favorite style for him, but I’m sure for some of you this will be right down your alley. Cop the free download and support OnCue OnTwitter.

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This View From Here – OnCue

July 23, 2014


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Download This View From Here - OnCue

The best from OnCue yet… His new project Angry Young Man drops September 3rd, but he’s been building up the hype for at least 3 months at least. Hopefully it can live up to the material he’s been dropping, because all these great free releases have definitely raised everyone’s expectations for AYM. Anyways, this single is dope, the production is incredible (courtesy of Maki, Nicky Finest & Just Blaze), and of course OnCue spits some angry verses and an incredibly catchy hook. Enjoy and follow.

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AYM Coming Soon – OnCue

June 5, 2014


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Download AYM Coming Soon- OnCue

AYM, or for those of you who aren’t good with acronyms, Angry Young Man, is the title of Cue’s latest project. Although we’re still not given a release date, he promises it’ll be dropping soon, and keeps the hype going by dropping a lil bit of fire for the fans. The ominous anthem hits hard, and by the second hook I was yelling “WHO FUCKING WITH ME?!” along with Cue and nodding along with Chane’s production. It’s exactly what you’d think it’d be, just Cue going in on a simple beat about dope his tape is going to be. Cop the free download and give him a follow on twitter.

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That Feeling – OnCue

May 12, 2014


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Download That Feeling - OnCue

The hype around Cuey’s project Angry Young Man is real. Supposedly the free much anticipated tape doesn’t drop until October, but this Angry Young Rapper already feels like he’s taking over the world. He flexes his clever lyricism on every verse and turns the hook into a poor-up anthem; singing about the good vibes he’s feeling from 2014, and spreading his belief that he’s about to make a killing. The production, courtesy of Chanes, is pretty hectic. There’s a lot of layers in the beat, some ambient filter-heavy female vocal samples are soaked in synth and other dreamy sounds, contrasted by a fairly up-beat bass kick and the rapper’s unique voice. Every time Cue drops something it just gets hotter and hotter, but that being said, this is his third single off AYM and we’re starting to wonder if he’ll be able to keep the hype alive for another 5 months.. I guess we’ll just have to see how things play out, give him a follow on twitter and check out the rest of his free material we put on the site.