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Happy – Pharrell (Chris Rishard & Johnny Good Remix)

April 29, 2014


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Download Happy - Pharrell (Chris Rishard & Johnny Good Remix)

If you’re absolutely sick of Pharrell’s radio-famous single Happy, which was released on the Despicable Me 2 soundtrack over a year ago, I’m right there with you. Right when I thought I couldn’t stand to hear this song one more time, Chris Rishard hit our inbox with a fresh out the oven remix of the infamous Happy. My skepticism faded as soon as I pressed play. Chris and German DJ Johnny Good (who you’ll probably be hearing a lot more of) turned this track inside out; playing off the funky vibes and eachother’s unique production styles. Normally when Chris sends us a remix we’re expecting intricate, flawless, and slow paced production like Only That Real and Show Me; but when you throw Johnny Good into the mix you have to factor in his fast-paced sample heavy style with equally impressive ingenuity. Give it a listen, enjoy the free download, and follow Chris Rishard and Johnny Good on twitter.

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Glow – Mac Miller & Pharrell

August 7, 2012

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Download Glow - Mac Miller & Pharrell

Its been awhile since we’ve heard some Mac Miller, since he’s been touring with Wiz on the ‘Under The Influence Of Music Tour’. Thankfully though, he got some work in with Pharrell, and was able to let this gem drop. Still no release date on the album ‘Pink Slime’ but keep your ears open, and make sure you get tickets to his Macadelic Tour