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Magic – Skizzy Mars & Phoebe Ryan

January 28, 2016

Magic - Skizzy Mars & Phoebe Ryan
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“We know it’s bad for us, but we like it.” It’s ironic that we do things that kill us just to feel alive. For some of us it’s drugs, for some of us it’s alcohol, but I guarantee you that everyone has their vice in one way or another. Skizzy doesn’t keep his drug use low key; he’s been singing about blow and bud since 2011.

‘Magic’ in this case, refers to some kind of euphoric upper, and Skizzy uses the downtempo beat to speak about how his habits have started catching up with him. Michael Keenan produced this extraterrestrial, spacey instrumental for the NYC native rapper to flow over. The two have been working together for ages, and between the Phoebe Ryan feature and the unprecedented guitar solo into the outro, this song sounds like a comfortable, familiar environment for Skiz to speak his mind on. He reflects on a recent hospital visit, the doctor’s discovery of arrhythmia, and some introspective thoughts about the way he’s been living his life.

It’s an easy song to empathize with, so give it a listen and see if you’re feeling it. If you are, be sure to throw Skizzy Mars a follow on Twitter and Soundcloud so you can find out when he’s playing near you.

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Mine – Phoebe Ryan & Skizzy Mars (Michael Keenan Remix)

February 20, 2015

Mine (Remix)

Download Mine - Phoebe Ryan & Skizzy Mars (Michael Keenan Remix)

Teal-haired mermaid babe Phoebe Ryan has been an underground music artist since 2013. However, the 23-year-old LA-based songwriter has been establishing herself as a prominent name in the music scene recently. Her recent ascension into the spotlight can be attributed to her R. Kelly/Miguel Mash-Up ‘Ignition/Do You’, which dropped last month and premiered on Billboard. When I first heard this track, I was struck by her innocent and almost child-like vocals, but I found myself pressing play over and over again. Her unique-sounding voice captured me. “Mine” was her first original song, and it was incredibly well-received by audiences, garnering almost 150,000 plays on Soundcloud to date. Rapper Skizzy Mars and producer Michael Keenan certainly took notice and decided to collaborate with her to create this feel-good remix. Keenan adds his signature bouncy, anthemic production beneath Ryan’s charming vocals, and Skizzy throws in a few chill bars, hitting on Ryan in the process: Hey Phoebe I really love your hair. You’re so beautiful, so damn beautiful. Oh the things that I would do to you. Keep your eyes on this lady on Twitter, because this is only the beginning of her takeover.