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I Hate U I Love U – Gnash (Rad Cat Remix)

November 5, 2015

I Hate U I Love U - Gnash (Rad Cat Remix)
Free Download | I Hate U I Love U - Gnash (Rad Cat Remix)

One of the first tracks I posted by Rad Cat was his remix of Oxytocin by gnash back in April, and his ingenuity is what made me a fan of all of his material from then until now. He teased us with a short clip of this remix a while back, and today he finally delivered. My expectations were high, and as always Christian delivered; a wobbly synthesizer, crisp percussion arrangement, plethora of samples, and Olivia O’Brien’s lovely vocals come together to create an ambient build up, which smoothly drops you into Gnash’s verse. Backed by layers of melodic instruments and intricate effects and gates, Rad Cat produced a crazy and unique future bass environment around the otherwise simplistic original. Yet again, this young California-based producer created another gem for your music library. Rad Cat’s recent remix of The Weeknd’s track was taken down by SC a few times, so be sure you cop this one while you can. If you like what you hear be sure to throw him a follow on Soundcloud and Twitter.

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I Think About U – Rad Cat

September 23, 2015

i think about u
Free Download | I Think About U - Rad Cat

Yes you read that title right, and no I didn’t make a typo — this is the first original we’ve posted by the SF-based producer, and believe me when I say it lives up to all of the expectations his foregone remixes have set and then some. When I first hit play on this song I thought Rad Cat had sampled some obscure Ratatat song, but no, these vibes are 100% authentic. Hypnotic melodies and nod-inducing break downs culminate into the perfect cruising track, and the ambiguous Japanese anime samples are oddly fitting to the upbeat production. I don’t know man, if you aren’t feeling this single go burn one down and take a drive with your windows down, because the feeling you get when a song syncs up with the BPM you’re living at is pure bliss. Cop the free download and show Rad Cat some love on Twitter and Soundcloud.

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Push Off – The Palms (Rad Cat Remix)

July 3, 2015

the palms push off rad cat remix art

Free Download | Push Off - The Palms (Rad Cat Remix)

I didn’t believe Rad Cat at first when he told me he’d remixed this song by The Palms, but today he sent us a synth-tastic rendition of one of my favorite indie jams that’s dropped this year. Since our interview with Rad Cat back in May, he’s seen a huge increase in his following, his play count, and his notoriety among artists like blackbear. Despite this recent burst of success, the young producer has stayed focused and kept his promise of releasing at least one song per month, and the content just keeps getting better and better. His love for indie-folk and his seemingly natural talent for creating intricate melodies, drops, and patterns play into the efficacious and effulgent result. Everything ties together seamlessly, and once again I have to say that Rad Cat is pushing the boundaries and broadening the horizons of electronic music. Enjoy it, share it, and show Rad Cat some love on twitter and soundcloud.

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Can I – Drake & Beyonce (Rad Cat Remix)

June 11, 2015

can i drake beyonce rad cat album art

Free Download | Can I - Drake & Beyonce (Rad Cat Remix)

California has been breeding young Electronic artists lately, and Rad Cat is the newest prodigy from the Golden State. He’s been remixing dozens of hot tracks, improving with each release he drops, but once again this is the most creative sound I’ve heard from him yet. The bass heavy slow jam transitions into a crazy electronic banger as soon as the drop hits, and the oriental synth lead is just too intoxicating to describe. Give the track a listen, you really can’t go wrong with Drizzy and Rad Cat. If you like what you hear be sure to follow him on twitter and soundcloud, and share the track via the social links below.

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Selfishness – Kolada (Rad Cat Remix)

May 8, 2015


Download Selfishness - Kolada (Rad Cat Remix)

I wasn’t familiar with Kolada until today, but after a few listens I fell in love with her soft, raw, and feathery vocals on her original track selfishness/lust. After galvanizing producers to take a shot at remixing her single, Rad Cat whipped up this gem — which might be my favorite track he’s sent us yet. His take on tracks has always been experimental to say the least, yet they always turn out lucid and flavorful. His take on Kolada’s selfishness is no exception. He intricately constructs a build up leading to cascading synth, cymbals, and a plethora of random yet fitting samples; creaking beds, distorted vocals, and filtered claps to name a few. Somehow, despite the wide variation and compilation of instruments, the track retains it’s mellow lounging vibe; inspiring introspective thoughts and emphasizing the pensive lyricism. From start to finish, this remix resonates fresh, progressive, electronic-indie vibes. Cop the exclusive free download, check out our interview with Rad Cat from last week if you haven’t already, and be sure to follow him on soundcloud and twitter if you like what you hear.


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Rad Cat (Interview)

May 2, 2015


Free Download | idfc - Blackbear (Rad Cat Remix)

How did you come up with your name?

Well, I wish I had some crazy story behind my artist name haha. I just got tired of my old artist name (xoparad) because it was too complicated to explain to people. I like the word ‘Rad’ and I also like cats, so I combined the two words and formed ‘Rad Cat’.

Some of your earlier material embodies more of a house-music feel. How do you explain the evolution of your style?

Oh man… my earlier work is embarassing haha. When I first started out making music, I used a program called ‘Reason’ and I was super into progressive house. Deadmau5 was my inspiration for making house at the time. The evolution of my music is strange. At first I wanted to make music inside of the genres that were very mainstream such as Dubstep and Progressive House. As time has gone by, I care less about what genre my songs are classified as. I like to be experimental with my music now, I like to do things that are weird, but still sound cool and fresh. Future Bass has been my favorite genre to work on as of late.

What is like living in San Diego? Are you inspired by many artists around there?

Living here in San Diego is pretty dope. It’s always sunny and the beach is super close to me, what else could I possibly wish for? In terms of artists that inspire me, I don’t really know any other Electronic music artists that are from here. Mura Masa is a huge inspiration for me though. His music is always so clean and he’s always doing something refreshing and new with his tracks.

So you started out as DJ xoparad? How long did that project last for?

Yes, I did start out as DJ xoparad. The meaning behind it was that you flip ‘xoparad’ upside down and backwards, it spells out ‘Paradox’… it was too complicated so that is the reason I decided to change my artist name to ‘Rad Cat’. I believe the xoparad project lasted for about a year. I didn’t put out any amazing tracks under xoparad, but that year was definitely full of learning how to produce music.

Tell us about your recent Beatport contest.

My recent Beatport remix contest entry was for one of Deadmau5’s tracks titled ‘Some Chords’. The interesting thing about this Beatport contest was that contestants had to make a remix for the Dillon Francis remix of ‘Some Chords’. It was a remix of a remix haha. Although I didn’t end up winning, it was still fun to work on that contest.

How did you get in touch with Gnash? How did it feel to do an official remix for him?

I didn’t even know who Gnash was until one of my Twitter followers DM’d me and linked me to one of his tracks. I then listened to his tracks, and I liked them. He has a very mellow voice that makes his tracks very chill to listen to. This same Twitter follower told me that I should do a remix for one of Gnash’s songs. So I messaged Gnash and asked him for permission to remix his song ‘Oxytocin’. He was super down with it and even offered me stems to the song to do a proper remix for it. It felt awesome to be able to do an official remix for him, and the fact that he shared out my remix to all of his followers was very cool of him to do.

What technology do you use to make your music? Do you also DJ?

I have been using Ableton Live 9 for over a year now. I don’t use any Midi keyboards or beat pads in order to make my music… I use my trusty keyboard and mouse for everything, it works best for me. I do DJ as well. I haven’t had a chance to DJ for any events because I’m not super well known in the music scene yet, but hopefully that will change soon. I do like to jam out and DJ in my room when I’m bored though; gotta keep practicing for the day that I do play at an event.

How do you balance being a college student and consistently putting out new music? What do you study at Palomar College?

Sometimes it can be difficult to balance my school work with music work. For example, I’ll want to keep working on a track and get it finished, but I have to put the track on hold because I have a bunch of homework that needs to be done. Despite all of this schoolwork, I like to upload at least 1 new song each month… Gotta give people something new to listen to. I will be finishing up my first year of college in May, and I am currently studying to become a Registered Nurse.

You’re also in a duo HYPRWAVE. How did that get started? Are you still collaborating or focusing more on solo work?

HYPRWAVE began when me and my friend Marvin were in our Junior year of High school. We were both good friends and we both shared the same passion for Electronic Music, so we decided to go ahead and get together to start a musical duo. We are currently taking a break from the HYPRWAVE project. HYPRWAVE isn’t over, but Marvin is a little bit busy with school and other stuff at the moment. As it is right now, I am definitely focussing 100% on my solo work.

Are you planning on pursuing music as a career? What are your goals for the future? Where do you see yourself?

When I first started making music it was just for fun. I never really thought of it being a career for me to pursue… but over the years making music has become my passion. I love the expression and emotion that I can put into a track and have the listeners feel the emotions. I am pursuing music as a career, but I have my whole Nursing career in the works just in case the music thing doesn’t work. My goals for the future are to continue to grow as an artist, to become a big name in the EDM scene, and to just prove myself to people as an artist. I see myself in front of a huge crowd of sweaty bodies, turning tf up to my music.

And lastly, where is the best place to find free new music every day?

UniversityHype.com of course.

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Oxytocin – Gnash (Rad Cat Remix)

April 13, 2015


Download Oxytocin - Gnash (Rad Cat Remix)

Gnash got popular after doing a mellow indie-experimental rendition of CoCo, that notorious OT Genesis song about cocaine that’s been playing in every club since last summer. Although his name was marketed by his rap-goes-acoustic rendition, his best material is completely original content like his project U, which you can stream off his soundcloud, which includes the single Oxytocin. I posted Rad Cat’s remix to Earned It by The Weeknd last month, and despite how creative and imaginative his production is, he still seems to be releasing new content in a remarkably timely manner. This is by far my favorite release from him yet; panning synth, complex sampling, and fervent buildups cascade into eachother as the drug-induced sound washes over you. Oxytocin might sound like the infamous prescription drug oxycontin, but really it’s just a natural hormone produced by your brain that induces the sensations of love. Rad Cat is steadily becoming our site’s favorite producers, and if he continues to consistently release free content you can definitely expect to see him on the site again in the near future. In the meantime, follow him on twitter and soundcloud and show some support by sharing his song below.

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Earned It – The Weeknd (Rad Cat Remix)

March 8, 2015


Download Earned It - The Weeknd (Rad Cat Remix)

As you probably already know, the 50 Shades of Gray movie came out last weekend. Just skimming below the line where society deems films soft-core porn, their soundtrack selection didn’t take much thought; no artist illustrates explicitly sexual scenes better than The Weeknd. Last month we shared Rad Cat’s remix of Cassie’s Me & U, and I’m happy to be sharing yet another one of his wavy R&B renditions. The bouncy rhythm is enticing, but what really makes his work so appealing to me is the way he uses vocal samples to meld the intense drops and break downs into one coherent stream of sensual vibes. Cop the free download, check out some more of his free material on soundcloud, and follow him on twitter if you like what you hear.


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Me & U – Cassie (Rad Cat Remix)

February 12, 2015

Me and You

Download Me & U - Cassie (Rad Cat Remix)

I’m a sucker for a smooth Cassie Remix. Although I’ve seen countless renditions of her single “Me & U”, I had to give Rad Cat’s version a shot, and I am glad I did. Rad Cat flips the R&B track to give it more of a future bounce feel. What sounds like the buildup to a drop actually leads into a effect that I can only describe as a cascading waterfall of chimes. It’s a feel-good, happy-sounding remix with influences from the likes of Cashmere Cat and Branchez. Rad Cat is a young producer out of San Diego. Along with producer Nebulous, they comprise the duo HYPRWAVE. Be the first on the jump by following Rad Cat on Twitter.