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Paradise In You – Radical Something (SJUR Remix)

October 15, 2015


Free Download | Paradise In You - Radical Something (SJUR Remix)

This is one of the “vibiest” Radical Something remixes I’ve ever heard. Who would have thought that a remix of Paradise In You could sound better than the original? – I sure didn’t. We’ve posted many Radical Something tracks, but this will be the first post we’ve ever done on the Norwegian based producer SJUR. After checking out his Soundcloud page I can safely say that all of his content exceeds our standards, so you can expect to see a lot more of him in the future. If you like whatcha hear, or if you are a fan of Norwegian artists — or Norwegians in general — be sure to follow SJUR on Soundcloud and Twitter for more tropical remixes.

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Better Off – Radical Something & Matisyahu

August 17, 2015


Free Download | Better Off - Radical Something & Matisyahu

It’s Monday – and we all know what that means this summer. Radical Something’s Summer of Rad session continues with their latest release of ‘Better Off’ featuring Matisyahu. I saw the two perform together at Stubbs’ in Austin, Texas last November, and with more reggae from Radical Something and rap from Matisyahu, the back-to-back performances were the perfect compliment. But this track solidifies they can do more than just tour together. With a killer trumpet sound and lyrics such as “you can’t change what’s dead and gone, believe me that you’re better off,” this song takes us out of the past and on to what’s present. Always creating feel good sounds, Radical Something knows how to put its listeners in the right mindset. So show some respect for the positive vibes the trio has been giving us this summer and grab the free download above. Then throw them a follow on Soundcloud and Twitter for more.

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Cool Me Down – Radical Something

August 10, 2015


Free Download | Cool Me Down - Radical Something

Gather around a beach bonfire and turn this tune up. After a long summer in the California sun, Radical Something is ready to cool it down with the seventh release on their Summer of Rad series. Entering with a steady bongo sound, this song is less pop, less tropical and far less hype than anything we’ve heard from them all summer, but that doesn’t diminish any quality from the track. With wavy guitar riffs and repeated whistling, this track relaxes us as we wind down from the past few months of freedom. Although I’m definitely dreading getting back to the books, this smooth melody reminds me I’m not alone on that one. We’re not sure how many more tracks to expect from the Summer of Rad, but as the summer sun sets, we’re unfortunately aware the end is near. Yet that doesn’t mean we can’t keep grooving. Stay updated with Radical Something throughout the final few weeks of summer to keep the good vibes alive!



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T-Shirt – Radical Something

August 4, 2015


Free Download | T-Shirt - Radical Something

Okay, I know the intro to this track is intimidating — there’s a lot going on in the first 15 seconds — but if you can withstand the profusion of tropical percussion at the beginning you’ll quickly reach the ear-pleasing shoreline where Radical Something shines their brightest. If you’re a guy, you understand that there’s no designer brand looks better on a girl than one of your over-sized t-shirts. Combine that mental image with the laid-back summer aura that defines Radical Something’s music and you’ll have a pretty good idea of how ‘T-Shirt’ is played out. Tangy guitar rifts, room-filling bongos and congas, and an unexpected brass section carry the good vibrations into a semi-acoustic breakdown at the 1:50 mark, where the band leads a melodic chant that feels like happiness injected straight into your blood stream. Of all the songs released for their Summer of Rad project this year, T-Shirt is by far my favorite thus far. Cop the free download and make sure you follow Radical Something on Soundcloud and Twitter to keep the stream of good music steady.

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California Pt. 2 – Radical Something

July 26, 2015

california pt 2 art radical something

Free Download | California Pt. 2 - Radical Something

Hopefully your summer’s been swell, and as we count the days before school starts it’s our responsibility to hook you up with as much care free music as possible before the season comes to an end. Radical Something brought back their Summer of Rad series this year, and if you haven’t been keeping up I suggest you go peep their past few releases. The California based trio dedicated this song to the state that they call home with an amped up “Part 2” to their original demo from way back in 2012. It’s crazy how different their sound is now — way more complex instrumentals and less organic acoustic guitar. Their style still produces the laid-back feel good music that attributed to their come up over the last few years, so hopefully y’all will still enjoy this noticeably different second half to California. Be sure to follow Radical Something on soundcloud and twitter if you want to show some support.

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Superhero – Radical Something

July 21, 2015

superhero radical something art

Free Download | Superhero - Radical Something

This group has been on the site longer than just about anyone else, and I feel safe saying that this is the best song I’ve heard from them in over a year. Superhero has the catchy hook, the summer-anthem chord progression, the wavy guitar rifts — everything you could possibly need for a radical summer track. The big-room feel of this track is different, but I can already see this being a fan-favorite at any show they perform. This trio belongs in your playlist for the season, and if you haven’t been staying on top of their releases you should go do your homework and give them a follow on twitter and soundcloud.

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Tropical – Radical Something

July 12, 2015

tropical radical something art

Free Download | Tropical - Radical Something

Summer of Rad is still going strong, and the crew’s latest release ‘Tropical’ is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a groovy paradise-influenced track with a dance provoking rhythm, sensual guitar breakdown, and hints of electronic music scattered throughout the song. In a word, the song is vibey; the guitar solos and authentic Radical Something sound makes for a perfect pairing with any summer cocktail you consume today. If you’re looking for an artist that literally screams paradise, look no further than this group. Check it out, download if you like what you hear, be sure to check out all of their past releases we’ve shared, and follow them on soundcloud to keep the radical vibes flowing and catch their next release next week.

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World Of Mine – Radical Something

July 7, 2015

Free Download | World Of Mine - Radical Something

Radical Something is back for their second Summer of Rad session, and it couldn’t have had a better start than this anthem-style release. World Of Mine is all about having a relaxed summer full of sunshine, fresh air, beautiful girls, and good friends. Layers of laid back guitar rifts, tropical drum kits, and trademarked vocals come together to create a track that makes you want to roll down the windows, grab some homies, grab some hunnies, and ride out to the beach for a day full of boozing and cruising. Check out our past Radical Something posts if you like what you hear, and be sure to follow them on soundcloud and twitter to show some support.

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Cali Get Down – Radical Something

July 28, 2014

cgd[soundcloud id=’160124516′ color=’#00F0FF’]

Download Cali Get Down - Radical Something

Whether you’re livin’ it up in Cali, raging on the East Coast, or somewhere in between, you won’t be able to resist this free Radical Something summer jam. Yeah, Cali Get Down is a little more poppy than most of the music you’ll find on this site, but you’ll find that it’s perfect for blasting in  your car as you’re cruising down the freeway or day-drinking on the beach. Those upbeat trumpets add a nice little twist too. Cop that free download and catch Radical Something on tour, with some Matisyahu appearances.