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Ain’t Ratchet Enough – Rawcus (Music Video)

August 20, 2014


Free Download | Ain't Ratchet Enough - Rawcus

So we’ve been meaning to share this comedic gem with you sooner, but with everything going on I’ve foolishly let this sit in my inbox for a little longer than I probably should have (sorry Rawcus, I really didn’t mean it). But the point is we’re here now, young in the moment and you’ll probably either be dying from laughter, gazing in shock, or reaching for your phone to hit up all the ratchets you know. Either way nobody knows ratchet quite like Rawcus does, and he explains for three verses he explains why your girl “Ain’t Ratchet Enough”. With constant hilarious punch lines, over a dope west coast style instrumental, and Rawcus’ “Whaaaaaat?” ad lib going off in the distance this song is so gut-wrenchingly awesome. Hit that play button, watch the video, and make sure to cop the free download which Rawcus so graciously gave to us.