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See Me Fall – Ro Ransom (Y2K Remix)

March 18, 2016

See Me Fall - Ro Ransom (Y2K Remix)
Free Download | See Me Fall - Ro Ransom (Y2K Remix)

Ro Ransom was someone I used to listen to when I first started this website in 2012, but soon after he fell off the map with no traces. A few months ago he popped back up again with a new song and a clean slate. When I saw the visuals he put together for See Me Fall, I knew he was back with a vengeance. The trippy music video showcases a more artistic, more refined, more capable Ro Ransom.

Y2K is yet another one of my favorite electronic musicians, and if you’ve heard any of his other material you’ll understand why. His remix of White Iverson was so popular that we almost got sued by IFPI because we shared it on our blog and were getting too much traffic. That being said, his remix of ‘See Me Fall’ is much grimier than anything else he’s put out, and I mean that in the most complimentary way possible.

The message of this song is essentially a big middle finger to the haters, the people who “wanna see me fall”. While Ro flexes about girls, drugs, and money, the underlying intensity makes it seem as though this hubristic way of life wasn’t a choice.

The ominous brass instruments, resounding bass line, and gritty percussion culminate into an aggressive remix that’s definitely worth a listen. Cop the free download and throw Y2K a follow on Twitter and SoundCloud.