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LONER (Mixtape) – Rocky Diamonds

December 1, 2014


Free Download | LONER (Mixtape) - Rocky Diamonds

As Rocky Diamonds has progressed throughout his career his music began to focus on this idea of “riding alone”, and as his fan base grows and name gains prestige the more alone he seems to feel. The LONER mixtape is the product of everything Rocky has learned in his time in the rap game, and it paints the picture of just how cold-hearted he has become in those several years. The production on the tape for the most part is as dark, and emotionless as the bittersweet message of the tape and comes from producers like Tarentino of 808 Mafia, XL, Audio Jones, and L&X Music among other names. Aside from Oshea singing on a hook the only actual features on the tape is from Taylor Gang’s J.R. Donato and Tory Lanez (whom both kill their respective verses), which is wildly appropriate for the message of this collection of tracks. Although most of these tracks have a “fuck you attitude” they definitely vary in passion and ignorance which provides a wide array of sounds on this tape despite this sole idea that unifies it. For our more passionate, emotionally aware students I’d recommend listening to “LONER” feat Tory Lanez, “Bitches Lie”, & “Tryna Find Love”. For our more ignant, hypebeast types please check out “Still Focused”, “SLIME” feat J.R. Donato, & “By The End”. No matter what it is you’re looking for hit that play button and you won’t be disappointed with what you hear. Enjoy the free release and make sure to show Rocky Diamonds some love on his twitter and soundcloud.

Daily Hype Hip-Hop Mixtapes

The Markus Shaw EP (Mixtape) – Rocky Diamonds

January 13, 2014


Download The Markus Shaw EP (Mixtape) - Rocky Diamonds

Rocky Diamonds (aka Markus Shaw) gave an EP to his fans today as a gift to them on his birthday and instantly I had a feeling it was going to have to ultimately end up in the hands of our students. The Minnesota emcee had Zaytoven, Knucklehead, Cassius Jay, and Dun Deal handle the production work on the tape and there are definitely a couple tracks that’ll have you wildin’ as well as some beautifully arranged pieces. Rocky also recruits August Alsina for two very different songs on this tape, but if you’ve paid attention to past posts you know we really like this tag team so please give those tracks a listen. It’s a short tape so you should cop the whole thing but I want to spotlight Rocky’s “Myself”, & and his “True 2 It” featuring August Alsina. Enjoy.

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Honest (Remix) – August Alsina & Rocky Diamonds

November 13, 2013


Download Honest (Remix) - August Alsina & Rocky Diamonds

“Honest” by Future was a pretty popular track when it was first was released and has already been remixed dozens of times, but not quite like this. August Alsina dropped this acoustic rendition of “Honest” and from start to finish the track is incredibly elegant, and charming. Like the original song it’s centered about being real, and staying true to yourself but with that signature August Alsina R&B twist. He also recruits Rocky Diamonds for a short verse toward the end of the track which isn’t anything mind blowing, but provides a pleasing change of pace. Long story short, this is a beautiful song and I’m just being honest.

Daily Hype Hip-Hop Mixtapes

Smoking After Dark (Mixtape)

November 13, 2012

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Download Smoking After Dark Mixtape

Just in time for you late night smokers to go out. Put this together with the help of a brand new M.Craft track “Sounds Like This”, and a bunch of new tracks from up and coming artists. Not going to lie, “Pink Panther” might be the dopest track on this tape, but that might just be me. Take a listen, enjoy some fresh jazzy tunes to toke to. Be easy.