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RyanPack Vol. 2 – Ryan Hemsworth (Mixtape)

June 3, 2015


Free Download | RyanPack Vol. 2 - Ryan Hemsworth (Mixtape)

Last year, Canadian electronic producer Ryan Hemsworth dropped “RyanPack Vol. 1”, an exclusive mixtape filled with his own take on some of his favorite tracks. He’s back at it again, with “RyanPack Vol. 2.” A proponent of free music, Ryan has again offered the entire project as a free download. His song selection just goes to show how diverse Ryan’s style really is. You’ll find a bouncy remix of Sicko Mobb’s “Maserati,” created in tribute to hip-hop’s late ASAP Yams. More hip-hop favorites include a Drake rework of “Know Yourself” with, as the title suggests, ping-pong samples. Ryan picks up “Know Wassup” by Tory Lanez, chopping and screwing the vocals over a delicate piano and string symphony; his flavor brings the track to a new level of epic proportions. Warped-tour kids of the 2000s will be happy to hear a chip-tune inspired remix of “Feeling This” by Blink-182 and an ethereal break-beat version of “In Too Deep” by Ryan’s Canadian brethren Sum 41. Every song is a solid one on Ryan’s latest tape. “RyanPack Vol. 1” is both nostalgic and current, giving new life to every track. Download the free project and start your summer off right.

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Snow in Newark – Ryan Hemsworth (Grynpyret Remix)

May 27, 2015


Free Download | Snow in Newark - Ryan Hemsworth (Grynpyret Remix)

It feels weird to call Grynpyret’s rendition of Ryan Hemsworth’s “Snow in Newark” a remix; this reimagined track pulls from the vocals of Dawn Golden, but essentially reinvents everything from the bpm, percussive rhythm, and emotion of the original. Grynpyret (pronounced “Green Parrot”) imbues his own chip-tune style with simplistic production to create a track that’s difficult to classify by genre. Filled with strings, bells, and what must be the sounds of a rain stick, this remix will surprise you and have you vibin’ hard to Grynpyret’s delicate rhythms. If you like his style, check out more of his fellow artists from the Soda Island Collective. Enjoy that free download.

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Rat Pack #1 – Pilerats Records

February 13, 2014


[soundcloud id=’22908417′ color=’#00F0FF’ format=’set’]

Download Rat Pack #1 - Pilerats Records

Australian label Pilerats Records just released a compilation that’s pretty much the soundtrack for your groovy hipster Brooklyn party. We’ve got some big names on this one like Ryan Hemsworth, Trippy Turtle, Vaski, up and coming producer Electric Mantis, as well as some other acts that may not be as familiar. All-around though, everyone delivers standout performances on Rat Pack #1. I really enjoyed this tape because it has it all: house, bass, disco, electronic, jersey club, and trap too. All the artists exhibit their own unique styles while still maintaing a cohesive feel for the entire tape. You can download Rat Pack #1 for free using the above link, but if you want to donate a few bucks, you can name your price and download from Bandcamp too.

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Ribs – Lorde (Ryan Hemsworth Remix)

December 30, 2013

ribs[soundcloud id=’127026805′ color=’#00F0FF’]

Download Ribs - Lorde (Ryan Hemsworth Remix)

Canadian DJ Ryan Hemsworth just dropped a pack of previously unreleased remixes including this  big room synth version of Lorde’s song Ribs off of her recent album Pure Heroine. Lorde’s airy yet strong vocals make this an all around feel-good track. There’s nothing too crazy different from the original here, but the vocal samples/chopping as well as the soft percussion and subtle bass combine to create a remix filled with ear-pleasing harmonies. Get that free download while it lasts.