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Sango (Interview)

June 14, 2015

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I chilled with electronic music producer Sango backstage before his performance at the Middle East in Boston, a special event curated by Together Boston. Sango’s worked with artists such as JMSN, Tinashe, and SPZRKT to create soulful electronic rhythms that sample from funk, R&B, and jazz. Watch the interview to hear more about the cultivation of his style and his time spent with the Soulection family.

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Stussy x Soulection Compilation

September 8, 2014

artworks-000090160178-v3uycv-t500x500[soundcloud id=’49673515′ color=’#00F0FF’ format=’set’]

This is that future bass. This project is what progressive music is all about. Artist collective Soulection partnered with clothing brand Stussy to put together a compilation that reflects the cultures of both companies and “brings visibility to the future sound.” Twenty different artists are showcased on this compilation; synths, a little reggae-dub, ambient, bass, and hip-hop are just some of the flavors you’ll get a taste of. While all the artists have their own unique style, they each possess an ultra chill ambient vibe to give the compilation the cohesive flow that makes it so pleasing to listen to. Perfect for wake ‘n bake, summertime cruisin, and relaxation. On the mix you’ll find Red Bull Music Academy grad Ta-ku, Mr. Carmack, Jarreau Vandal (who did an ultra jazzy remix of G-Eazy’s Let’s Get Lost), Sango, GoldLink, along with even more underground gems that you may not have heard of before. Hop on that future bass wave and coast. You can download the compilation for free from Bandcamp or donate a few dollars if you’re feeling generous.

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Middle Of Things, Beautiful Wife – Sango & SPZRKT (Stwo Remix)

January 19, 2014


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Download Middle Of Things, Beautiful Wife - Sango & SPZRKT (Stwo Remix)

London, Tokyo, Paris, L.A… New York, Chi-Town, Sydney, Spain..  Name a place you want to go, maybe Stwo’s hypnotizing remix of Sango’s original track might be able to take you there. This day-dream provoking style is beginning to define Stwo as an artist, his perfectly blended instruments and intricate sampling have only improved since we heard his All Me Drake Remix. Since his fan base has grown so extensively, this track earned a solid 40,000 plays the first day it was released, which is why he also decided to let all those fans download it for free. Here’s to free music and the Jet Life, be easy.