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Up In Smoke – Ceez Luciano & Scolla

November 4, 2013


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This track is off Cee’z brand new tape Black Thursday III, and although there were a few gems on that tape you should check out none shined as hard as this track he did with Scolla. The beat is really laid back, which in my opinion brings out the best in Ceez. His vocals came off really crisp, and the emotion he put into this track will have girls swooning over him as if he just laid down a Drizzy verse. I’ve smoked to escape my problems before, and I guarantee you the next time I roll up to forget about a girl this is going to be the song I smoke to. Scolla didn’t add a lot to the track, which I think was for the best. He gives the chorus some depth, but his verse was nothing compared to Ceez’s. Check out his tape, I was really feeling ‘Ramada’ ‘No Way Out’ and ‘Killuminati’. Enjoy.

Daily Hype Hip-Hop

Settle Down – Huey Mack & Scolla

June 7, 2012

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Yessssss, the best part of summer; Summer Jams. Jon did a sick job sampling this song by Kimbra, and hopefully ya’ll enjoy it as much as I did. For those of you who don’t know, Jon Kilmer mostly does music video recording, but he also has a hidden talent of making chill ass beats. Infact, he just dropped a Mixtape of nothing but tracks to flow over called ‘Baberham Lincoln’ which you can check out here. Enjoy errrrrybody, happy summer.