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Easy Child – Luke Christopher & Siena Streiber

May 21, 2014


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Download Easy Child - Luke Christopher & Seina Streiber

Luke has been dropping free tracks every Tuesday for awhile now, and although I wasn’t feeling last weeks release, this one made the cut and then some. Luke is a phenomenal artist when you put him on the right beat; his voice has this way of going from singing to rapping without you realizing it, which sounds dope on slower tracks like this. Siena Streiber is a new name to me, but she sounds down right sexy on this new single. She introduces the piano-based beat with the hook “Be easy child, things are gonna get better now”, which Luke applies to a variety of shitty situations that young adults are in. The two artists sound great on this optimistic love ballad, so click n download their collab and be sure to follow Siena and Luke on twitter.