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Magic – Skizzy Mars & Phoebe Ryan

January 28, 2016

Magic - Skizzy Mars & Phoebe Ryan
Free Download | Magic - Skizzy Mars & Phoebe Ryan

“We know it’s bad for us, but we like it.” It’s ironic that we do things that kill us just to feel alive. For some of us it’s drugs, for some of us it’s alcohol, but I guarantee you that everyone has their vice in one way or another. Skizzy doesn’t keep his drug use low key; he’s been singing about blow and bud since 2011.

‘Magic’ in this case, refers to some kind of euphoric upper, and Skizzy uses the downtempo beat to speak about how his habits have started catching up with him. Michael Keenan produced this extraterrestrial, spacey instrumental for the NYC native rapper to flow over. The two have been working together for ages, and between the Phoebe Ryan feature and the unprecedented guitar solo into the outro, this song sounds like a comfortable, familiar environment for Skiz to speak his mind on. He reflects on a recent hospital visit, the doctor’s discovery of arrhythmia, and some introspective thoughts about the way he’s been living his life.

It’s an easy song to empathize with, so give it a listen and see if you’re feeling it. If you are, be sure to throw Skizzy Mars a follow on Twitter and Soundcloud so you can find out when he’s playing near you.

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Problems Too – Skizzy Mars & Allday

January 5, 2016

Problems Too - Skizzy Mars & Allday
Free Download | Problems Too - Skizzy Mars & Allday

Skizzy has come out with some great collaborations in 2015, but one of the most notable has to be the single he put out with Allday titled Grammy, which has amassed over a million plays in the 4 months it’s been on Skiz’s SC.

Produced by none other than Michael Keenan, ‘Problems Too’ is the second release these two artists have put out together, and it certainly does the predecessor justice. You might recognize Courtney Love and Kurt Cobain featured on the artwork, and when you hit play I’m sure you’ll understand their relevance to the song’s meaning. The star-crossed heroin addicts play into the careless story told by Skizzy and Allday; girls living for the moment, burying their instabilities and insecurities in drugs, which the NY rapper and Australian indie artist empathize with easily.

Although it’s not the most “uplifting” song, it’s definitely a good song to have on your party playlist as we prepare for the formidable start-of-semester rush parties. Regardless of whether or not you’re planning on killing some brain cells this weekend, give the song a listen and show Skizzy and Allday some love on Soundcloud if you like what you hear.

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Moon & Stars 2 – Lais & Skizzy Mars

November 27, 2015

Moon & Stars 2 - Lais & Skizzy Mars
Free Download | Moon & Stars 2 - Lais & Skizzy Mars

Penthouse Music’s best investments to date have been Skizzy Mars and Lais. When the two artists collab, as they so often do, the product tends to be exquisitely smooth. The production varies widely between these two young talents; Skizzy has been on a streak of releasing upbeat indie jams, whereas Lais’s sound is much more downtempo, sensual, and R&B centered than his label counterpart. “Moon & Stars 2” is definitely a Lais track — the environment is fine-tuned to his low BPM sound, complete with lavish vibes and a groovy organ solo. Both artists sound spectacular over the Toronto-inspired instrumental, truly encompassing the late-night cruisin’ sound that the city has been endorsing so heavily over the past few years. The song is a love ballad through and through, and it’s packed with lyrics that are sure to have girls swooning across the globe. This is the first of many songs that are expected to appear on Lais’s forthcoming inaugural project 114, so be sure you show him some love on Twitter and Soundcloud and pre-order the project on iTunes to show some support.

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Chemistry – Skizzy Mars & Blackbear

October 12, 2015

Free Download | Chemistry - Skizzy Mars & Blackbear

Ever since Skizzy teased us with photos of him and Blackbear in the studio, and this is even better than I thought it’d be. From the lyrics to the production from Michael Keenan to the beautiful artwork from ColorsByNet — everything is pristine. A symphony of strings combine with the effulgent percussion and aromatic keys to create the indie, drug-induced instrumental that both of these artists sound best on top of. ‘Chemistry’ is about how this girl is messing up his routine of blacking out and sleeping with strangers, which has an oddly nice sentiment to it. Regardless, you can’t go wrong with a collab between these two brilliant independent artists; show Skizzy Mars and Blackbear some love on Soundcloud, and cop the free download.

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Changes – Skizzy Mars (Leon Cover)

September 1, 2015

Free Download | Changes - Skizzy Mars (Leon Cover)

I don’t know if you’ve heard LÉON’s “Tired of Talking“, but it’s a Swedish indie-pop anthem that’s been getting a lot of traffic over the last few weeks. The big-room production rework is courtesy of none of than Michael Keenan, who meticulously transforms the instrumental into their groovy upbeat style. Dance-provoking synths, whistle-driven verses, and intricately arranged percussion paint a huge canvas for Skizzy to flow over, but the result is nothing short of perfection. They’ve been easing into this unorthodox sound for awhile now, and the new style of indie-rap they’ve created has made waves across the music industry over the last couple of years. “Changes” is the epitome of what this duo has been working towards, and if you know what’s good for you, you’ll cop this new release and follow Skizzy Mars on soundcloud and twitter. Skizzy season is right around the corner, stay tuned for his forthcoming project “Alone Together” and be sure to catch up on the rest of his free releases if you haven’t already.

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Grammy – Skizzy Mars & Allday

August 23, 2015

grammy art
Free Download | Grammy - Skizzy Mars & Allday

The chemistry between these two is just faultless — Allday, also known as “Lil’ Chubbs”, is a soft voiced Australian indie artist who’s been dabbling in experimental and groovy instrumentals, similar to the sound Skiz & Michael created. Skizzy’s rendition of Allday’s You Always Know The DJ was an upbeat indie-rap dance track, but Grammy is a low-BPM smoker anthem. Well-rounded electronic percussion, pads, and guitar samples make up the pastel production, which accentuates the despondent yet seemingly careless lyricism on both of their verses. There has yet to be a track from Skizzy I haven’t liked, and perhaps his best quality is that he continuously collabs with incredible and relatively undiscovered artists. Cop the free DL and throw Skizzy Mars and Lil Chubbs a follow on soundcloud.

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Weekend Millionaires – Skizzy Mars & Katelyn Tarver

August 14, 2015

weekend millionaires skizzy mars art
Free Download | Weekend Millionaires - Skizzy Mars & Katelyn Tarver

As promised by the man himself, it’s “SKIZZY SEASON”. Coming off the great reception he received on My Friend — and basically everything else he’s dropped — Weekend Millionaires is yet another one for the books. Michael Keenan is the mastermind behind the production as per usual, and although the groovy instruments are still in play, the minor chords and creative percussion arrangements make this song feel less happy-go-lucky and more up-beat young and reckless. The hook from Katelyn Tarver provides a catchy melody that rides throughout the song, and the verses from Skizzy showcase a completely different, refreshing, and mature style of delivery. The Penthouse Music group never fails to release bar-setting — or even trend setting — music, and ‘Weekend Millionaires’ is definitely worth a download, a share, and a follow for Skizzy on twitter and soundcloud.

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My Friend – Skizzy Mars, Marco McKinnis, & Jules Henley

June 30, 2015

my friends skizzy mars art

Free Download | My Friend - Skizzy Mars, Marco McKinnis, & Jules Henley

Although we’ve linked up with a ton of great artists over the years, no one has continued to release endless great content for free the way Skizzy Mars has. I could fan girl about his music for hours, but instead I’ll just let you soak up the Michael Keenan produced ecstasy of his latest release. After riding and touring on the success of his Red Balloon Project EP, Skizzy has been back in the studio releasing free gems for fans non-stop, while simultaneously plotting the release of his first full studio album. My Friend, which features the talents of Marco McKinnis and Jules Henley, is all about taking things slow and earning the attention of a shy girl who doesn’t realize how gorgeous she is. The intricate yet groovy production is courtesy of none other than Michael Keenan, who is without a doubt working with Skizzy on his latest album as I type this post right now. Cop the free download, show Skizzy some love on twitter and soundcloud, and share the track with everyone you know who listens to good music.

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Come Back – Skizzy Mars & Marc E. Bassy

June 8, 2015

come back skizzy mars marc e bassy album artwork art

Free Download | Come Back - Skizzy Mars & Marc E. Bassy

This is the dream team right here; Skizzy Mars, Marc E Bassy, and Michael Keenan have an unrivaled chemistry in the studio that can only be described as creative bliss. Hopefully you caught their last collab No Problem, but if not, take this chance to get acquainted with their sound. Michael is a versatile producer, but maintains a coherent sound that resonates with ambient synths, jazzy vibes, and perfectly placed percussion. We did an interview with him last month that gave us an inside look into his process and development, so check that out if you’ve got a minute. Marc’s vocals have this new-age R&B sound that’s easily identifiable, and having just released his East Hollywood EP last month, it’s a pleasant surprise to hear him dropping new material with Penthouse Music prodigy Skizzy Mars already. Skizzy just hopped off his Red Balloon tour, which hopefully means we can expect a steady stream of new content from him this summer. He and Marc released this sort of eerie love-song as a plea for a second chance with a girl they mistreated and lost somewhere along the way to success. It’s a super vibey, really downtempo track that pairs well with any midnight smoke session. Check it out, cop the free download if you like what you hear, and be sure to follow Skizzy, Marc, and Michael on twitter to show some support.

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You Always Know The DJ – Skizzy Mars & Allday

May 5, 2015


Download You Always Know The DJ - Skizzy Mars

Allday’s original track You Always Know The DJ was a song that had been stuck in my head for weeks when it first dropped last summer. At the rate Michael Keenan and Skizzy Mars have been going with their back to back great indie-rap remix releases, I should’ve known this song was in their sights. The vibey percussion pinned to the mellow piano chord progression makes up the core of this song; which is the basis for Skizzy’s niche style. Allday’s hook is still a major part of the track, and although Michael works his magic to make the two artists blend seamlessly, there’s still a significant distinction between their voices that makes this song sound more like a single from Skizzy Mars than a remix to Allday. The breakdown at 2:15 will give you goose bumps; Skiz doesn’t always flex his vocal abilities, but when he does, he makes sure his sound is flawless. Enjoy the free download, show Skizzy Mars and Michael Keenan some love on twitter, and share this track with your friends via the links below. Oh, and stay tuned for our interview with Michael Keenan dropping this weekend; he’s basically defined the sound for Penthouse Music over the last few years, so it’s definitely a name you should learn a little bit more about.