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Bargain Bars – Slash-A-Mill

September 14, 2014


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Slash-A-Mill has kept giving us a steady stream of new music since his introduction on the site about a month ago thanks to his #FreshFridays music series, and even though it’s a little late I’m proud to present the latest installment. One of Slash-A-Mill’s strength is his ability to step outside of the box and create a completely new sound then the last time we heard him, and that’s what keeps #FreshFridays totally fresh. This slow, emotional instrumental may be simplistic but it sets the perfect tone for Slash as he goes on to talk about his passion for music, how it has affected his life so far, how he believes his talents have grown, and being ready to take that to the next step. It may not be your favorite Slash-A-Mill of all time, but it’s personal and definitely lets fans know where he’s at in his transformation to an artist. Hit that play button one time, make sure to check in on Friday for more #FreshFriday cuts, and check out older installments here.

Daily Hype Hip-Hop

Malice – Slash-A-Mill

August 30, 2014


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Shortly after releasing his phenomenal track “Pounds In The Air”¬†two weeks ago Slash-A-Mill is back this week with an installment in his “#FreshFridays” series and he flips this track around 180 degrees to show everyone a different side of himself. When this self produced heavy hiitting, bass driven banger first drops you can tell this track isn’t quite as playful. What I really love about this is that Slash isn’t afraid to step out of the industries comfort zone creating this track which booms “No clips, I ain’t got no malice.” Taking what your haters have to say turning it into something positive, take control of the situation, and most importantly always keep your cool. That deserves recognition. Hit that play button, see how you’re feeling this new Slash-A-Mill, and make sure to check out more installments of his “#FreshFridays” on soundcloud.

Daily Hype Hip-Hop

Pounds In The Air – Slash-A-Mill

August 13, 2014


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There’s nothing like a thick hot-box sesh with a pretty girl; blowing out smoke and losing yourselves in the haze, maybe even losing some clothes along the way. The beat is laid back, a nice little guitar riff is backed by a nearly inaudible sample & fat drum beat, then coated in R&B vocals and slow verses. Slash-A-Mill is a new name to the site, but if he keeps dropping smoker anthems like this you can expect to see his name around a lot more. If you like what you hear cop the free download and follow Slash-A-Mill on twitter.