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We Used To Live – Steve Benjamins

April 23, 2015


Download We Used To Live - Steve Benjamins

It’s been about a year since we’ve heard new music from Toronto’s Steve Benjamins, so I was happily surprised to receive “We Used To Live” in the submission inbox. Looks like Steve is back in the game with this latest indie-pop single, driven by steady piano chords, synth melody, and an upbeat kick. It’s the kind of song I’ll put on my summer mix CDs to blast in the car while I’m driving with a sunset backdrop. Check out Steve Benjamins on Soundcloud if you’re digging what you hear and enjoy the free download. Look out for his new EP “Sightlines,” dropping May 15th.

Daily Hype Indie

Somehow, Someday, Everything Becomes Something Else – Steve Benjamins

March 8, 2014


[soundcloud id=’125302898′ color=’#00f0ff’]

Download Somehow, Someday, Everything Becomes Something Else - Steve Benjamins

So maybe Steve isn’t the best at thinking of clever titles to his tracks, but what he lacks in the title he makes up for in the content. I stumbled across this project of his today and had to share this one track. Although the production on the rest of the tape wasn’t anything too special, this track has a captivating effect to it. From the second you hit play you can feel the aura of deep thought, and within seconds you’re introduced to the stunning vocal range of Mr. Benjamins. The heart-grabbing melody depicts an expecting Father who’s unsure about what he’s going to do in the future, as he realizes his ambition and dreams are soon going to be out-weighed by the life of his new child. By the end of the track the mood transforms into a more optimistic one, and you’re left yearning for more free Indie goodness. Give Steve a listen, if you like what you hear you might want to check out his last two projects.