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Limited Moon – Stonewall Klaxon

April 5, 2016

Limited Moon - Stonewall Klaxon
Free Download | Limited Moon - Stonewall Klaxon

Stonewall Klaxon hasn’t dropped new material in a few months, but for his first release of 2016, this track is a monster. Whereas we’re used to precise, melodic, generally just “vibey” songs from Stonewall, this release features something a little something extra. ‘Limited Moon’ is the culmination of his years in the electronic industry, from Dubstep to Future, this is where the two collide.

He’s been perfecting his build ups and drops a long time ago, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that this song’s climax is a blissful transcendence into an intense array of instruments. The other aspect of his music that Stonewall has been perfecting for awhile is his work with vocal distortions, and when the beat drops at 0:47 you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. Transposed, chopped, and altered recordings stand as the centerpiece of his work, and are by far the most unique aspect of his music.

With that being said however, Stonewall has never really incorporated his former “dubstep” style with his new futuristic sound, so this may seem a little heavier than what you’re used to hearing from the ATX artist. Whether you’re partying, tripping, or putting in work, check this track out and show Stonewall some love on Soundcloud and Twitter.

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Stop The Fucking Car – Circa Survive (Stonewall Klaxon Remix)

December 9, 2015

Stop The Fucking Car - Circa Survive (Stonewall Klaxon Remix)
Free Download | Stop The Fucking Car - Circa Survive (Stonewall Klaxon Remix)

It’s been far too long since we’ve heard from Stonewall Klaxon. Today he sent me his remix of Circa Survive’s Stop The Fucking Car, which is the last thing I expected to have hitting my inbox. The original song reminds me of my 13-year old days where I was listening to bands like Underoath and Paramore — I was a punk rock little shit — and this is definitely a genre that hasn’t been tapped by most electronic artists. With that being said, Stonewall obliterated any negative premonitions I had about this song within the first few seconds. He substituted guitar solos and double bass pedals for tranquil synths and complex drum arrangements, completely changing the atmosphere of the song. The futuristic style he’s been developing over the past year is displayed in all of it’s glory on this remix; subtle distorted vocal samples, chilling drops and build ups, and enticing original melodies are molded together into this unique sound that our native Austin producer has created. Although David has been off the map for awhile, hopefully this is foreshadowing of more free new material in the near future. Be sure to follow David on Twitter and Soundcloud to show some support.

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Unlimited Lives – Stonewall Klaxon

October 8, 2015

unlimited lives
Free Download | Unlimited Lives - Stonewall Klaxon

We’ve been backing Stonewall’s releases for awhile now, and as with all of the artists we keep up with consistently, it’s impossible not to see the growth and maturity his music has undergone. His arrangements are complex, his build ups and use of instruments is versatile yet coherent, and the overall feeling you get when you listen to his music has gone from just “vibey” to lucid electronic roller coaster adventure. ‘Unlimited Lives’ plays around with the notorious video game samples he uses in his tracks, and the production work is nothing short of flawless. Check it out and show our boy Stonewall Klaxon some love on Twitter and Soundcloud.

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Limit Break – Stonewall Klaxon

June 18, 2015

limit break stonewall klaxon art

Free Download | Limit Break - Stonewall Klaxon

You know that summer time feeling you get when you’re driving around on a gorgeous sunny day, cool breeze in your hair and good friends by your side? If you could capture that sentiment in a sound, this would be it. The majority of Stonewall’s releases revolve around this lyric-less dreamy electronic vibe with heavy vocal samples, but despite his seemingly one-track style he always manages to pull out an entirely new sound with each release. Limit Break is his best anthem yet, and having been bumping his music since day one, you can take my word for it. Intricate percussion, an impeccable synth lead paring up with the perfectly timed and distorted vocal samples, and the subtle compact keyboard break downs come together into what can only be described as auditory ecstasy. Get your good vibes rolling this summer and let go with the latest release from this Austin-based gem, follow him on twitter and soundcloud, and hopefully this track will hold you over until he drops something from his forthcoming untitled project in the Fall.

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Tigerlily – Stonewall Klaxon

May 27, 2015

tigerlily stonewall klaxon album art

Free Download | Tigerlily - Stonewall Klaxon

We’ve heard a lot of material from Stonewall Klaxon, but this might actually be the most experimental track I’ve heard from him yet. After a trip to the west coast, it’s clear that the environment he was in had an effect on his music too; bigger drops, more complex arrangements, and playing around with out-of-key notes shows that he still hasn’t stopped growing and developing his sound. As always, the track consists of his unique vocal sample distortions which have becomes a necessary instrument in his work, and make his sound stand out in an ocean of aspiring electronic musicians. Stonewall Klaxon has a distinctive sound, seemingly endless inventive ideas for his music, and the motivation to consistently release new material. Give the track a listen and check out his debut EP DRMSQNCR, if you like what you hear be sure to follow him on soundcloud and twitter to show some love. Enjoy.

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Are U That Somebody – Aaliyah & Timbaland (Stonewall Klaxon Remix)

May 1, 2015

aaliyah stonewall

Download Are U That Somebody - Aaliyah & Timbaland (Stonewall Klaxon Remix)

Whoa, Stonewall just remixed an Aaliyah track? Bold move on his part, and thankfully, the result is nothing short of hypnotic and full of oh-so-feel-good vibes. Most of what we’ve heard from Stonewall Klaxon consists of electronic PC music influences, but he’s really shown off his versatility in tackling a remix from R&B legend Aaliyah. He holds on to his signature sound, starting off the track with super high-pitched vocals. Enter Aaliyah, with a voice as smooth as syrup, layered upon a crazy percussive riff with a touch of jersey-club. The energy skyrockets and then lets you down easy with gentle breakdowns. If you’re feeling nostalgic but want a taste of something new, you’re sure to love this new take on the hip-hop classic. University Hype brings you the exclusive free download. Follow Stonewall on Soundcloud and Twitter to stay up on the latest.

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Stonewall Klaxon (Interview)

April 2, 2015



This interview has been a long time coming. It’s been almost a year since we discovered Stonewall Klaxon here in Austin, and we’ve been seeing his shows and watching him grow as an artist ever since. We met up with him at SXSW to talk about his unique sound, his new project, and what 2015 has in store for him. Check it out and show him some love on twitter and soundcloud.

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DRMSQNCR – Stonewall Klaxon (EP)

March 20, 2015


Download DRMSQNCR - Stonewall Klaxon (EP)

We saw this one coming (literally, we watched him upload the project to his soundcloud today), and I couldn’t be more excited to show y’all Stonewall Klaxon’s debut EP. We shared the title track with y’all last month, which set our expectations for this project pretty high. As I’ve said before, it’s rare that we find an artist who not only releases consistently great content, but who actually improves with every release. David is an atypical musician with an unparalleled style and an exponentially growing following; the basic qualities we look for in artists who are about to pop off. DRMSQNCR, which is “Dream Sequencer” without the vowels, is his first official project as Stonewall Klaxon, and a testament to how far he’s come over the last 7 months. Euphoric drops and dramatic build ups, slow-tempo break downs, intricate distorted vocal sampling, and just genuinely chill wavy vibes are what you can expect to hear on this short 4-track project. I promise, Stonewall Klaxon is a name to remember, and this tape is one that should be in your music library before everyone else catches on. Cop the free download, follow David on soundcloud and twitter, and don’t be afraid to reach out and show some love if you like what you hear.

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DRMSQNCR – Stonewall Klaxon

February 26, 2015


Download DRMSQNCR - Stonewall Klaxon

We haven’t heard anything from Stonewall that we haven’t liked yet, which is pretty rare for us music critics. That being said, DRMSQNCR (the title track to his in-progress project), sticks to the trend and once again earns a spot at the top of our feed. The arrangement, intricacy, and ever-changing tempo tap into a level of “chill” that’s unique from any other producer you’ll hear. Although there aren’t not any audible lyrics, the filtered vocal samples seemingly speak a universal language. The nod-inducing, trance-kindling, dream-triggering style that Stonewall Klaxon has coined is as flavorful as it is catchy. Cop the free download, follow Stonewall on Twitter and Soundcloud, and stay tuned for some interview and concert footage that we shot dropping later this month.

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Runaway – Galantis (Stonewall Klaxon Remix)

January 10, 2015


Download Runaway - Galantis (Stonewall Klaxon Remix)

As many artists stake their claim to the New Year, Stonewall Klaxon is one of the few to hit the ground running, wasting no time in releasing his newest remix. You’re probably familiar with Galantis’s Runaway – the sensual house gem from 2014 has accrued nearly 5 million plays since it’s debut last Fall – but the Stonewall’s mystic downtempo production style fits seamlessly with the delicately severed vocal samples. The airy synth and intricate percussion workings that we’ve grown accustom to are still present, although the strongest characteristic that this track lets off is versatility; original mixes are all we’ve posted by Stonewall so far, but it’s obvious that he has no issue melding his sound around vocals other than his own. Enjoy, cop the free download, and be sure to follow Stonewall Jackson on twitter, soundcloud, and facebook.