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Said That – Steezefield & Alex Jordahl

April 29, 2015

Said That - Steezefield & Alex Jordahl

Free Download | Said That - Steezefield & Alex Jordahl

These two artists never cease to impress me, and their chemistry when they collab is transcendent. Although they generally produce their own material, “Said That” features production by the renowned Stwo; he pulls from a track of his called “With You,” which you can find on his project Ninety Two.

The subject of this song is a day in the life of Steeze and Jordahl: new friends, new habits, new music but new emotions that are brought on by their pursuit of music and abandonment of everything that holds them back. An airy sample reverberates along with the ambient piano and spacey bass, setting a dark aura for the two artists to flow over. The result is excellent as always, and sits as another testament to the diversity of the Chi-Town music scene.

Follow Steezfield and Alex Jordahl on twitter, stay tuned for Steeze’s project Leave a Light on, Please set to drop this June, and share this track via the social links below if you’re feeling it.

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Her – Majid Jordan (stwo Remix)

November 5, 2014

artworks-000095282767-gxurhm-t500x500[soundcloud id=’174089463′ color=’#00F0FF’]

Download Her - Majid Jordan (stwo Remix)

You may recognize Majid Jordan as the feature on Drake’s Hold On We’re Going Home. If you’re not familiar with his material, you should definitely check out his Soundcloud. And it’s safe to say stwo’s become a University Hype favorite. He’s been consistently dropping new material and remixes, each even more impressive than the next. Stwo’s edit of Her is way mellow, way chill, with some added reverb and a trap backbeat. Majid’s effortless vocals combined with stwo’s syrupy slow sexy production makes for straight baby-making music. I’m hoping this release will lead to a future collaboration from these two very talented artists.

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Drowning – Banks (stwo Remix)

October 21, 2014

avatars-000035600637-bpkdku-t500x500[soundcloud id=’173038200′ color=’#00F0FF’]

Download Drowning - Banks (stwo Remix)

Banks’s latest album Goddess has inspired countless remixes to date, so I wasn’t too surprised when I saw stwo’s own rendition of Drowning today, although I give him props for having it officially recognized by Banks herself. This remix truly embodies the brooding and melancholic nature of Goddess’s production. It’s minimal and ambient, which really allows Banks’s vocals to shine through. Cop the free download and vibe out.

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Ninety Two (Mixtape) – Stwo

October 16, 2014

92[soundcloud id=’52640120′ color=’#00F0FF’ format=’set’]

Apologies for bringing this one a little late to the students. But better late than never, and now that Stwo’s pretty much become a UH staple, I had to share his latest project. Ninety Two is a mixtape filled with deep, ambient, electronic goodness, and all the beats are inspired by Drake’s album Nothing Was The Same. The sexy downtempo production style makes for pantry-dropping tracks for sure. I mean how can you go wrong when you close off the project with a flip of Often by The Weeknd. Stream two of the tape’s tracks here and then go download the rest for free from his label Huh What & Where.

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Aura – Stwo

August 15, 2014


[soundcloud id=’162964260′ color=’#00F0FF’]

Download Aura - Stwo

French producer Stwo has graced us with this freebie that has a way of making me feel all wavy inside. Aura will be your comedown, a late-night faded melody with just enough kick to keep you hanging on until the sun rises. This original track is filled with rattling reverbs and captivating vocal edits to zone out to. Consider it your Friday night lullaby. Stwo just announced his North American tourwith London duo Snakehips, so catch them live if you can; more dates to be announced.

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Lost – Lido & Muri (Stwo Remix)

July 12, 2014


[soundcloud id=’158258118′ color=’#00f0ff’]

Download Lost - Lido & Muri (Stwo Remix)

No one does it better than stwo. You might be familiar with Lido, who recently released his I Love You EP on iTunes, really great production work with intense and creative idiosyncratic vocals. Although the original project is DEFINITELY one you should peep, copping the free version that stwo made is a must. Whether you’re cruising, smoking, screwing, cooking, working, etc.. this track will have you feeling some type of way. Heavy synth, dramatic drops, and just all around intricate and beautiful remixing. Follow Lido and stwo on twitter. You’re welcome.


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Stay On My Cool – Jay Prince (Stwo Edit)

May 5, 2014


[soundcloud id=’148059650′ color=’#00f0ff’]

[soundcloud id=’125446741′ color=’#00f0ff’]

Download Stay On My Cool - Jay Prince (Stwo Edit)

Download Stay On My Cool - Jay Prince (Original)

Stwo left us on a hot an heavy note after he dropped his remix of Or Nah, but this time he works off of Jay Prince’s track Stay On My Cool, which was just too good by itself to not include in this post. The original track is super mellow, saxophone and congo-drums setva surprisingly chill pace for Jay Prince’s quick rhymes. His style is so fresh and creative that I’m surprised I haven’t stumbled upon him before, but now that I’ve listened to his whole Mellow Vation project (which you can download/stream after the jump) I can honestly say I’m a fan. His uniquely smooth project inspired our familiar producer stwo to do some even more relaxed edits to his favorite track on the project. Ambient synth, filtered vocals, and a subtle bass wobble give the track a dreamy coating that only he could produce, although some of Jay Prince’s funky R&B vibes are lost in the process. Regardless, both tracks are free, so there’s no reason not to cop both of them; give Jay and Stwo a follow on twitter.


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Or Nah – The Weeknd (Stwo Remix)

February 24, 2014


[soundcloud id=’136505427′ color=’#00f0ff’]

Download Or Nah - The Weeknd (Stwo Remix)

Damn this knocks hard, stwo is a king at revamping tracks, and this is no exception. He adds some ominous synth and various other instruments/sound effects, which combines with the chopped and screwed sample to make this hot and heavy remix. Check out the other free material we’ve posted by stwo, and if you like what you hear be sure to give him a follow on twitter too.

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Middle Of Things, Beautiful Wife – Sango & SPZRKT (Stwo Remix)

January 19, 2014


[soundcloud id=’129816665′ color=’#00f0ff’]

Download Middle Of Things, Beautiful Wife - Sango & SPZRKT (Stwo Remix)

London, Tokyo, Paris, L.A… New York, Chi-Town, Sydney, Spain..  Name a place you want to go, maybe Stwo’s hypnotizing remix of Sango’s original track might be able to take you there. This day-dream provoking style is beginning to define Stwo as an artist, his perfectly blended instruments and intricate sampling have only improved since we heard his All Me Drake Remix. Since his fan base has grown so extensively, this track earned a solid 40,000 plays the first day it was released, which is why he also decided to let all those fans download it for free. Here’s to free music and the Jet Life, be easy.


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All Me – Drake (Stwo Remix)

December 29, 2013


[soundcloud id=’126349287′ color=’#00f0ff’]

Download All Me - Drake (Stwo Remix)

You can never really have too much Drake on your feed, especially when producers like Stwo drop remixes as hot as this. We’re all familiar with Drake’s hit single featuring Titty-2-Chainz and Big Sean, but the elegantly placed strings and beat that Stwo incorporates makes for a fresh take on this over played masterpiece. Cop this one before it gets over played too, and be sure to check back for Drake’s soon-to-drop ‘Trophies’.