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Through The Smoke – Marty Grimes (Mixtape)

March 31, 2014


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In a matter of months we’ve not only been introduced to Marty Grimes as an artist, but we’ve also been gifted with his first full-length project; 11 tracks come together to comprise the diverse yet expressive tape Through The Smoke. Whether it’s flexing his flows, delivering fast-paced rhymes, or serenading his audience, Marty’s unique style is consistently crowd-pleasing. You’ve probably already heard a few of singles, and consequently most of the big features (G-Eazy & Ground Up), but the two non-rap artists he brings in (Meta4 & Tess Comrie) add so much to the project, opening up the door for Indie fans to find something they like on this tape too. All around this is the most you could ask from Marty for a first project, and I’m more than happy with how good this sounds coming through my speakers. I once heard someone say “You either work to make your dreams come true, or you’re working for someone who is.” but Marty proves that it’s possible to do both; selling thousands of dollars in Merch and helping his child-hood friend G-Eazy tour, yet still managing to put this together and have his voice heard. Show some love on twitter and enjoy the fresh new Marty.