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SlumLords (Mixtape) – K Camp

June 13, 2014


Free Download | SlumLords (Mixtape) - K Camp

K Camp decided to drop off a new project teamed up with some artists you might not have heard of, as well as (in my opinion) some of the most underrated lyricists in the game to bring you the first official SlumLords project. While a lot of the production comes from Big Fruit a big player in Tha Joker’s camp, we also see production from the likes of Bobby Kritical, Will A Fool, Christian Louxx, Kato, and a few others. This project isn’t really a tape as much as it is a compilation of tracks that are intended to get you introduced to K Camp’s new crew. With the like of Tha Joker, Sy Ari Da Kid, and K Camp mixed with the new voices of Marissa, Damar Jackson, & Dan Diego (not to mention the features from Yo Gotti, Big Fruit, & Wale) this definitely a must hear of 2014. Hit that play button, download this tape, and see just how much your feeling the SlumLords.

Daily Hype Hip-Hop Mixtapes

Meanwhile (Mixtape) – Tha Joker

May 9, 2014


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Download Meanwhile (Mixtape) - Tha Joker

Tha Joker delivered his latest project Meanwhile several hours ago which is essentially a teaser for his upcoming Robert Frost EP, but after just listening to the intro track “Never Quit” it’s clear that Tha Joker isn’t pulling any punches in 2014. Tha Joker’s career has been a series of short sporadic bursts of attention and some might say that he’s been one of the most overlooked artist’s in the game. I mean with the unique, captivating method of delivery and witty, original lyrical content brought to this tape it’s a hard position to argue with. While ya’ll probably caught Dizzy Wright feature in the “Vegas Nights” leak from the tape, but I tried to hold back on the other tracks he let go “Run It” and “Slight Work” so this whole tape could come to you as fresh out the oven as possible. This tape only gets better as the innings wear on, and all you really need to do is press that play button and let the tape do what Joker intended it to. The all original production on the tape comes from Big Fruit, Tekneek Beats, DoughboyBeatz, and a couple others. Tha Joker also recruits names like Lil Mal, Rich The Kid, Don Trip, Sy Ari Da Kid, and more for a few verse assists on what could have already been great tracks. Download this now, and see what Mr. Too Cold has been up to so far this year.

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Vegas Nights – Tha Joker & Dizzy Wright

April 22, 2014


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Download Vegas Nights - Tha Joker & Dizzy Wright

Tha Joker has been relatively quiet so far in 2014 but with a new EP entitled Robert Frost in the works, and the release date of his newest project Meanwhile being less than a month away Mr. Too Cold throws a freebie off the tape to the fans. While he takes a stroll down memory lane in the city of sin Joker invites Las Vegas native and Funk Volume artist Dizzy Wright along for the ride over a sensual, acoustic instrumental courtesy of Tha Joker’s frequent collaborator Big Fruit. Each artist takes a verse and turn reminiscing in-between a soft, fervent chorus about not wanting to ever leave the sleepless city. Peep this to see if your feeling what Joker’s been cooking up, and make sure to catch the May 8th release of Meanwhile.