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Express – Soda

September 16, 2015

express soda
Free Download | Express - Soda

He’s gone by a lot of names — That Guy Soda, Soda Supreme, etc. — but his music has always been a gem in my library. Not many people know this rapper from Brooklyn, but I’ve seen the potential that Soda has when he’s on his grind, and his lyrics are always perspicaciously written. This track is self-produced, which is a +1 for any artist, but the unique delivery and thought-provoking bars are the true highlight of this track. It’s not an anthem like the majority of his fan-favorite material like Drought, but hopefully you’ll still enjoy it. It’s not my favorite track from Soda, but it definitely merits a follow on Soundcloud and Twitter.

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Brooklyn Park LP – That Guy Soda

November 29, 2014


Download Brooklyn Park LP - That Guy Soda

Although we haven’t been keeping up with That Guy Soda as well as we should have, the Brooklyn Park LP was just too good for us to overlook. Coming from a small town out of Minnesota, the quality of production, depth of the lyrics, and Soda’s overall pride for his city was unprecedented. The general direction of the tape is maintaining the grind, persevering through trials and tribulations with a level head and a heart full of passion. Although the subject matter doesn’t change much, the presentation flexes immense versatility; from slower mellow production that emphasizes lyrical wisdom, to the easily recitable hooks on hype-y party anthems, Soda is the epitome of what undiscovered talent looks and sounds like. His sui generis vocals combined with the remarkable piano-based production on most of the tracks creates an atmosphere that is seething with aptitude. Don’t sleep, cop That Guy Soda’s new LP for free and throw him a follow on twitter. If you really like what you hear, check out his last 3 mixtapes via datpiff.