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Any Last Requests – The Kxnnedys (EP)

March 7, 2016

Any Last Requests - The Kxnnedys (EP)
Free Download | Any Last Requests - The Kxnnedys (EP)

The Kennedys have come a long way since we first wrote about them two years ago, and it’s humbling for me to be posting an exclusive release of their new EP Any Last Requests. If you’re not familiar with this duo by now, this is your chance to join the hype and cop their latest project for free.

‘Any Last Requests’ is the end of an era in a sense; for the past two years these two artists have been hustling, grinding, and putting in the hours that success in the rap industry necessitates. Although there’s always room for improvement, the sound they’ve cultivated on this project their highest caliber of work yet, and it’s a fitting name given their first project was titled ‘As Requested’.

First and foremost, every single hook on this 7 track EP is absolute fire. The Kennedys have always been notorious for delivering catchy bars and melodies, but the work they’ve created for this tape are so fresh and ear pleasing that they’ll even have your parents nodding along and singing “I’m wit mah whoooole sqwaaad” under their breath.

To pick a few favorites, Before I Wake, Whole Squad feat. Vee Tha Rula, and Lost Girl were all pretty vibey, but seriously you should bump the whole thing through and through. If you like what you hear, throw The Kxnnedys a follow on Soundcloud and Twitter, and cop the EP on iTunes if you’re really feeling it.

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Whole Squad – The Kxnnedys & Vee Tha Rule

February 18, 2016

Whole Squad - THE KXNNEDYS & Vee Tha Rule

Free Download | Whole Squad - THE KXNNEDYS & Vee Tha Rule

We haven’t heard from The Kennedys since they released Unconditional back in May of last year, but what better way for them to come back into the game than with a rebranded name, some sick visuals featuring Kid Ink’s label affiliate Vee Tha Rule, and a brand new single off their forthcoming project Any Last Requests.

The song opens up with a menacing monologue from Sean Penn in Gangster Squad. In the movie, Sean plays Mickey Cohen, a notorious gangster from Los Angeles who’s determination is unrivaled. It’s a fitting sample for a comeback, especially for a rap duo who has yet to receive the recognition they deserve. Perseverance isn’t common in the hip-hop industry — many rap careers are short lived, but these two grind harder and overcome more than the average musician ever will.

‘Whole Squad’ is a song about taking over with your day-ones, sharing the profits, and flexing on the competition. The Kxnnedys have always killed hooks, so needless to say this song is a catchy anthem for your team to turn up to. The video is by far some of their best work; rather than doing the shoot in a strip club, they shoot in a vehicle graveyard, which makes for some really innovative and authentic cinematography.

Check it out, pre-order their project on iTunes, show some love on Twitter and Soundcloud, and help spread the hype.

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Unconditional – The Kennedys & Tone Jonez

May 8, 2015

CD 8-2

Download Unconditional - The Kennedys & Tone Jonez

I know this player looks a little bit different from our usual soundcloud embedded tracks, but that’s because SC had some copyright issues with the sample The Kennedys used from Montez Flatline’s Love Unconditional. Their verses revamped the track and took it to an entirely new and more professional level entirely — not to mention they only used the hook and instrumental produced solely by Tone Jonez, not Montez — so thankfully they found a way for us to share it with y’all despite the road bumps. If you’ve been keeping up with The Kennedys, you know that this is the fifth installment of their Roman Numerals series, and it flexes a sound we’ve yet to hear from this Tuscon, AZ rap-duo. Getting a little more sensual with their lyricism on this heavy-hitting R&B instrumental, Trix and Millz come correct on the mic with bar after bar of insightful relationship-centered poetry. From losing a good-girl, to coping with feelings of regret, to moving past mistakes and yearning for redemption, the song gives you a full-circle view of their connection with these unnamed women. Whether you’re looking for something seductive to put on your bedroom playlist or making a mixtape to mend a broken relationship with someone special, this new track from The Kennedys will make a perfect addition. Cop the exclusive free download by clicking the blue link above, follow them on twitter and soundcloud, and show some support and cop some of their material off of iTunes if you really like what you hear.

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Why Stop Now – The Kennedys & Knoxxiii

April 6, 2015


Download Why Stop Now - The Kennedys & Knoxxiii

Keeping the momentum going with their Roman Numerals series, The Kennedys are back with another fire anthem dedicated towards the grind. Keeping things lyrically rich as always, Trix and Millionz lay down a plethora of quotable bars as they flex their commitment to music on a Bootleg Kev produced beat. A heavy bass line, symphonic melody, and some subtle trumpet samples provide the perfect instrumental for these two tenured rappers to showcase their talent on each verse, and brought Knoxxiii in for an incredibly catchy hook. It’s rare that you find two artists who can consistently drop coherent material together, but The Kennedys have refined their style in a way that’s both unique and captivating. Stay tuned for their next release, cop this track on iTunes if you want to show some support, follow them on twitter and soundcloud, and download their last project As Requested if you haven’t already.

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All In Gold – The Kennedys & SAKU

March 18, 2015


Download All In Gold - The Kennedys & SAKU

Trix and Millz are back with the third installment in their Roman Numerals series hosted by Bootleg Kev, spitting bars effortlessly about where they are as artists and their attitude toward an industry that continues to overlook them. The beat is all over the place and is incredibly hyphy in it’s design, allowing The Kennedys to use it’s bouncy vibe to their advantage. When the hook rolls through the craziness quells as the beat is brought to a screeching halt where SAKU takes over. Personally, I think this is the strongest release off their promotional series yet but I’ll let you decide if you think it lives up to the previous track “What’s It To Ya”. Hit that play button, cop the free download, and make sure to watch for news on a potential full length project from the dynamic duo.

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What’s It To Ya – The Kennedys

March 4, 2015


Download What's It To Ya - The Kennedys

It’s been almost a year since we’ve heard from Tuscon, Arizona rap duo The Kennedys but the silence is finally broken with this new release off their Roman Numerals promotional series in collaboration with Bootleg Kev. Trix and Millionz spit hard bars over a beat with melodic dripping synth, and rattling high hats over a sonorous piano riff. All tied together of course with monstrous bass. While the duo has been known here to use their music to illustrate vivid images in the mind of their listeners, they decided to be a little more frivolous with this release. While simultaneously taking the three minute period to flex a bit, both lyrically and literally. If you’re a student looking for a dirty beat, and sick verses this may be your favorite release this month. Hit that play button, make sure to cop the free download, and make sure to read our interview with them during SXSW 2014 if you haven’t already.

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War (Music Video) – The Kennedys

May 8, 2014

00 - The_Kennedys_As_Requested-front-large


[soundcloud id=’131756726′ color=’#00f0ff’]

So if your familiar with our site at all then the name The Kennedys should come as no surprise. I mean in between our enlightening SXSW interview with the dynamic duo, and their monster of an EP As Requested these guys are certainly no stranger to this fine establishment’s library. While continuing to do live performances after the Austin based festival they have also been releasing visuals to a few tracks, which is why I’m proud to present the official video for “War” featuring JuJu. The hauntingly beautiful song comes with an equally haunting, and beautiful visual revolving around a temptress and the headache/heartache that comes as a part of the package. The more these guys release the less I see hip-hop and the more I just see artists, they just have such an incredible vision for their work and you can see that every move is carefully planned out. Everything serves a purpose. Check out the new visual, cop the tape if you haven’t already, and make sure to show our boys from Tuscon some love via Twitter if you can peel your eyes from the screen long enough.

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The Kennedys (Interview)

April 18, 2014



First things first, watch their dope recap video of SXSW14. These guys are literally the most motivated and fun group of people we got to meet at South By, and there’s a little clip of us doing this interview in there too. Get familiar.

What’s it like being artists from Tuscon, a city that hasn’t bred many rappers?

Trix: Tuscon’s not a very big city you know, it’s just us and a couple other names out there just really doing it for the city. We’re probably the first artists from Tuscon to perform at SXSW, since we’re not from a big city we’ve really been focusing on reaching out to people and making connections.

Millionz: Like he said, there’s a lot of artists out there reaching for the same goal, some more motivated than others. At the end of the day it’s the artists who have their heads right and their business right, the guys making smarter and better moves than others are the ones coming out on top. I just think we’ve been blessed with making some of the right decisions.

I heard y’all used to go by The Movement as opposed to The Kennedys, what was the reason for that change? And what made you choose The Kennedys?

Millionz: Man that was really a rebranding thing; we got to the point in our career where we realized that for the better of our future we needed to change things up a bit, get our image looking right. We stepped things up, had a lot of talks and decided that The Kennedys best represented what we were trying to do with music as a whole.

From what we heard y’all weren’t always the beat-killing duo we know today, and y’all actually had to overcome some differences before working together. How did y’all end up deciding to work together and how did you overcome those differences?

Trix: A lot of the issues just worked themselves out when we started rapping, we had something in common you know? It was me, him, and these two other dudes; we took it more seriously so that fell apart. He moved away from Arizona at one point, and we’d call eachother up on the phone everyday and just go back and forth rapping verses. Eventually he moved back and we just kicked things off, got the ball rolling.

What about Bootleg Kev & Dizzy Wright? They’re pretty influential names in music right now, and clearly played a role in ‘As Requested’. Where did they come into the picture?

Millionz: Honestly it was just an outreach thing man. I met Bootleg Kev back in Vegas when we went out there with the big bro Juice McCain. We introduced ourselves, kept contact, and when we decided to do this tape we reached out and showed him some music. He liked our sound so he helped us out, ya know? He’s a huge in the industry, so having him on board definitely helped out.

I know this is y’alls first time at SXSW, so what are some of the goods and bads you’ve seen so far?

Millionz: Good has to be the people man, a lot of people and an experience that you can’t really get anywhere else. The open-mindedness, the exposure we’re getting, it’s all really good for us.

Trix: The bads is just all the damn walking bruh, my feet hurt man. But other than that it’s just a lil crowded in certain places, a lot of lines. All worth it though, having a great time out here and getting a lot of love from everyone here.

As Requested was a 6-track project, but it took y’all a couple years to put it together, so why the wait?

Trix: I think a lot of artists just have the mentality of, “Fuck it I’ll put this mixtape out” but we wanted people to give a fuck about us first. We dropped a few singles, dropped a couple videos, and earned some hype around us so that people actually gave a damn when we dropped our tape. So that’s where 2 years went, not to mention some shows and other shit. So we waited, and when we thought the time was right we dropped the project for the fans, which is how we got the name – As Requested.

Do y’all think it got as much attention as it deserved, or would you have liked to see it get a little more?

Millionz: I like the attention it got. As artists, obviously if the numbers were higher we would’ve been happier, but for the first project we’ve ever put out we’re satisfied with how it did. We feel a little under rated, but at the end of the day all it means is we need to keep grinding and getting in more people’s ears before our next project drops.
Trix: Like he said, the numbers are good but we always feel like we can do more. I mean I feel like it’s a 50,000 download project, but we’ll get there.

So what’s next? SXSW was clearly a step in the right direction, any more festivals planned for this summer?

Trix: We killed it at the Bootleg Kev showcase, next year hopefully we can be out here doing double the shows we did this year. We’re gonna start working on another project here pretty soon, don’t wanna give y’all a release date yet, but other than that it’s just videos and shows all summer

Millionz: That’s it man, we’ll be out here with y’all again next year, and just grinding on more music until then. We’ll have more shows lined up, new tracks, new visuals, all that good stuff. Who knows, we might actually be headlining SXSW15.


Check out their newest track & video “Supreme”, show some love on twitter, and make sure you cop their latest free project As Requested

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As Requested (Mixtape) – The Kennedys

January 27, 2014


[soundcloud id=’21490272′ color=’#00f0ff’ format=’set’]

As Requested – The Kennedys

Rap duo The Kennedy’s dropped their first official EP As Requested today, and you may remember a certain number on it featuring Dizzy Wright called “T.I.U.” and if not don’t worry we’re about to get you caught up & then some. This six piece EP from the Arizona natives is absolute gold, and I was blown away by the end of the tape. The originality in every track is as refreshing to the ear as it is pleasing, and this is something your going to want in your music library. Production is done by Lexi Banks, and Flawless with features from Ju Ju and The Original Saku. Honestly I enjoyed every track on this project and I’m extremely confident that you will too. Download the tape, love it, and you can definitely count on seeing more from The Kennedys in the future.

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T.I.U. – The Kennedys feat Dizzy Wright

October 14, 2013


Download T.I.U. - The Kennedys feat Dizzy Wright

Now it’s time for a little “pick me up”, and I couldn’t ask for a more perfect track to help me do that. Arizona’s rap duo The Kennedys hit us with this new release with that “Turn Down For What?” vibe, and by the end of the almost five minute track everyone will know that these artists only turn it up. Lexi Banks is on the beat and she knock this shit out of the park, and gives the duo the perfect mix of hype beat but still keeps that trap sound which resonates well with the edginess of this groups vocals. Plus they grab a feature from Funk Volume’s Dizzy Wright and that’s just the icing on the cake. Make sure to cop this free download and don’t forget to turn it up.