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I Was Wrong – Arizona (Thero Remix)

January 3, 2016

I Was Wrong - Arizona (Thero Remix)
Free Download | I Was Wrong - Arizona (Thero Remix)

The whole reason I got into electronic music was because of poignant remixes like this; the chord progressions, the vocals, the build ups, the break downs, they’re all playing to evoke intense emotions. Thero‘s production is marvelous, and we’ve overlooked too much of his material in the past, but to end 2015 he hit us with something that couldn’t be missed.

Featuring original vocals and chilling tropical-house production, ‘I Was Wrong’ is by far the best release I’ve heard from this Palm Beach based producer to date. Although 99% of songs are about relationships in some way or another, ‘I Was Wrong’ is a rare breed of 21st century love song — one that features an apology rather than boasts independence. The waning synths and guitar chords create an ambient environment, but the hollow congas and various claps and cymbals make the otherwise melancholy serenade a lively optimistic anthem.

Personally, I’m stubborn as hell, so hearing this radiant song about acknowledging your own faults and flaws helped me see myself a little clearer. It made my morning, so hopefully you’ll be feeling this new release too. Be sure to throw Thero a follow on Twitter and Soundcloud.

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Begin Again – Noosa (Thero Remix)

August 9, 2014

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Download Begin Again - Noosa (Thero Remix)

We may be making headway into August, but that’s all the more reason to hold on to feel-good summer music for as long as possible. Enter Thero, young producer out of Palm Beach, Florida. He’s given us a Thomas Jack inspired remix of Begin Again by Noosa that you should preferably enjoy with a fruity cocktail in hand. The tune is filled with tropical pan flute, happy synths, and even wraps up with some sexy saxophone at the end. It’s dreamlike, carefree, and happy-go-lucky, everything that summer should be. If you like what you hear, throw the track a <3 on HypeM¬†and spread the hype!