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For Real – Tory Lanez

May 11, 2016

For Real - Tory Lanez
Free Download | For Real - Tory Lanez

Tory Lanez is one of those artists who’s career was destined to take off from the start; he founded this trappy Toronto auto-tuned sound, and despite the fact that other rappers are replicating his technique he’s managed to build his lead and drop enough world renowned material to keep it.

‘For Real’ is a two-part track, whereas the first half is about running the rap game and flexing on his rivals, the second half is much more sentimental. He explains how “pressure” has turned his streets-raised mentality caused him stress, caused him to flip drugs, caused him to rob people and keep a tight circle. It’s a story that the rap industry has glorified, from Biggie Smalls to Tory Lanez, the idea of being able to make it out of the ghetto and become a rich ‘rarri driving trap star is a common dream in America’s impoverished cities.

Production by Tory himself and his long-time compadre Play Picasso makes for an elegant yet explosive instrumental, perfectly molded to Tory’s vocals. As always, there’s a free download for you above. If you aren’t already following the man on Soundcloud and Twitter you’ve been sleeping, so wake up and show him some love.

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The New Toronto – Tory Lanez (Mixtape)

January 8, 2016

The New Toronto - Tory Lanez (Mixtape) Free Download | The New Toronto - Tory Lanez (Mixtape)

Tory Lanez is an up and coming artist out of Toronto who is simmering to the surface of the rap scene very quickly. Through his unique style of RnB and Trap fusion — switching from his open-ended phrased singing voice to an aggressive rap tone — Tory has won over fans globally.

‘The New Toronto’ is Tory’s latest project, and it encompasses his desired sound extremely well. Throughout the course of this mixtape, the production mainly consists of a low, stretched out bass lines and swing-like high-hat arrangements. Using an echo effect, it feels as if you’re there at a live performance, getting chills whenever the room-filling vocals reverberate down to your bones. With verses of ‘popcorn’ type rap and his legato high-pitched voice, there is no space for air while being drowned in this ambient greatness.

My favorite track off the tape is the grand opener Makaveli. In short the song is about Tory starting a new era of hip-hop through his passion of the music and living on forever. “And when I go they gon’ remember me like mother fuckin’ Makaveli…Niggas left me out for dead now I’m Makaveli, reicarnated Makaveli.” Some other highlights of the project are Woods and Lord Knows Pt. 2. Anybody with this much self-confidence, prose, and talent is sure to merit a free download and a follow on social media. Check out Torey Lanez on Twitter and Soundcloud.

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Cruel Intentions – Tory Lanez (Mixtape)

June 26, 2015

cruel intentions tory lanez art

Free Download | Cruel Intentions - Tory Lanez (Mixtape)

We knew that Toronto R&B artist Tory Lanez had been cooking up something special with the Los Angeles production collective WeDidIt, but I don’t think any of us expected their 5-track project to be this hot and heavy. Aside from his release Karrueche and his Fargo Friday releases, this project has been his main focus over the last few weeks. Although we’ve already heard the first two tracks Acting Like and In For It, the final three songs are fulfilling in and of themselves. Every producer on this project is absolutely captivating, and the electronically-inspired hip-hop beats hit harder than just about anything else you’ll listen to today. From girls to drugs to money, Tory covers all of the main topics while still flexing his unique rap/R&B vocals, perfect for any time you’re sleeping with girls, smoking some drugs, or getting money. Pick it up while it’s hot.


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Karrueche – Tory Lanez

June 19, 2015

karrueche tory lanez art

Free Download | Karrueche - Tory Lanez

Toronto-native Tory Lanez has been releasing a ton of new music lately, and today he announced he’s reenacting his Fargo Friday’s series (his nickname is Argentina Fargo, which according to him means “foreign money”). You might have guessed that Karrueche is all about Chris Brown’s ex-girlfriend Karrueche Tran, which is a relationship that has been hyped up by a plethora of news outlets after Chris poured his heart out during an interview with Ryan Seacrest.  Although Tory Lanez is notorious for making songs about girls — Teyana Taylor — and starting beefs with famous rappers — “I think Drake is golden, but I’m platinum” — I have to admit this style definitely works for him. The R&B vocals, hot and heavy lyrics, and wavey production from Noah Breakfast are a perfect concoction for making a sensual love song. Despite working with producers from several different area codes, Tory has a talent for making all of his material emanate Toronto vibes; heavy reverberations, fat bass lines, unique singers, catchy hooks, and pompous yet intelligent lyrics are all things we’ve grown to expect out of Canada’s music hub. Expect to see another release from Tory Lanez when Fargo Friday roles around next week, but until then enjoy the new sounds and follow him on twitter and soundcloud.


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Acting Like – Tory Lanez & Shlohmo

June 6, 2015

acting like tory lanez shlomo

Free Download | Acting Like - Tory Lanez & Shlohmo

We recently hopped on the Tory Lanez movement after his release with RL Grime last month. This is the second release from his still-untitled forthcoming EP, and this time it comes with some sensual visuals courtesy of the media conglomerate HNHH. In collaboration with the WeDidIt label, Tory has been linking with some of the hottest producers in the game and building a lot of hype around this new project of his. Distorted synths, grunge samples, and futuristic bass lines contrast his smooth R&B vocals perfectly. Stay tuned for more from Tory’s upcoming EP, and be sure to follow him on twitter and the WeDidIt collective on soundcloud if you like what you hear.

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In For It – Tory Lanez & RL Grime

May 6, 2015

in for it tory lanez

Free Download | In For It - Tory Lanez & RL Grime

We haven’t been keeping up with Tory Lanez as much as we should have; this Toronto-based R&B/Rap prodigy has been popping off across the world lately. After a successful debut project that dropped 8 months ago, he’s already prepping for his second release. This is the first single from his still untitled EP, but with RL Grime on the beat you can imagine how hard this track hits. Although his freshman mixtape featured a plethora of smaller producers — and even some self-production — it’s clear that he’s linking up with some bigger and better names for this forthcoming project. Ominous bass, reverb-heavy vocals, and a dirty drum set make this track a must-download banger. Cop it and stay tuned for the next release from Tory.

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Dímelo – Snakehips & Tory Lanez

March 8, 2015


Download Dímelo - Snakehips & Tory Lanez

Yours Truly and adidas originals brings you another track from their Songs From Scratch Series, which documents curated collaborations from electronic and hip-hop artists. Rapper Tory Lanez has been known to experiment with his production-sound, collaborating with the likes of Ryan Hemsworth and RL Grime in the past, although I have to admit I was surprised to see Snakehips on a track with a hip-hop artist. While the UK production-duo is more known for their jazzy and chilled-out sound, they took a leap by experimenting with a new style for this collaboration. Their versatility shown on this track is quite impressive.  “Dímelo” is a boastful anthem driven by warbling bass and stripped violins. Tory casually slurs his way through off-beat bars about women and riches. He knows that he’s earned his place in hip-hop and he’s not afraid to say it. Read more about the creation of “Dímelo” on the Songs From Scratch website and snag that free download while it’s hot.

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Been On – G-Eazy (Rockie Fresh & Tory Lanez Remix)

January 17, 2014


[soundcloud id=’129569286′ color=’#00f0ff’]

Download Been On - G-Eazy, Rockie Fresh, & Tory Lanez

MMG remixing one of the best G tracks from 2013? No, you’re not dreaming, Rockie Fresh, Tory Lanez, and G-Eazy all drop fresh out the oven verses for a remix that’ll be in everyone’s speakers before too long. After announcing that Rockie Fresh would be opening for his ‘These Things Happen’ Tour, G released this freebie he re-recorded with his new tour additions. You might be wondering how an MMG signed rapper is OPENING for unsigned G-Eazy, but hearing the two side by side on the same beat it’s no question that G outshines one of the hottest names in the game right now. Stay tuned for tour dates, tickets, and UH appearances. For now, just enjoy the new music.