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All The Time (Tove Lo Flip) – Keys N Krates

January 17, 2014

allthetime[soundcloud id=’129358193′ color=’#00F0FF’]

Download All The Time (Tove Lo Remix) - Keys N Krates

Keys N Krates brings us something a little different than their traditional go-hard trap music with their newest release All The Time. Instead of their big horn sound, this track is more about the kicks, bass and vocal edits. It reminds me of RL Grime’s Because of U, showcasing a bit more of that haunting emotion and a feeling that a lot of us can probably relate to. If you get the chance, you should definitely try to catch these guys at a live show or at the Wakarusa festival, because they are incredible performers and heading to the top fast. The sampled track, Habits by Tove Lo, deserves a listen too, so make sure to check it out.

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Habits – The Chainsmokers & Tove Lo

January 8, 2014


[soundcloud id=’128350315′ color=’#00f0ff’]

Download Habits - The Chainsmokers & Tove Lo

Nothing numbs you out quite the way smoking does, sometimes it’s just easier to get high than think about the shit you should be doing. Tove Lo sums it up pretty well when she admits her addiction to avoid thinking about her ex, but The Chainsmokers give that voice some depth with their flawlessly constructed beat. One of the biggest problems with EDM artists is boring or repetitive production, either the tracks been under-worked or over-sampled, but this duo from New York has ALWAYS managed to keep me interested and wanting more until the last second of every track they produce. If you’re looking for some progressive Indie/House that doesn’t sound like the rest, follow the jump to The Chainsmokers’ soundcloud and get lost in their dozens of free releases.

Also, I have no idea what the pomegranates in the album art have to do with getting high and avoiding reality, but I’ll let y’all interpret that metaphor yourselves. Enjoy.