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Party 101 – Audio Push & Travis Scott

September 20, 2015

party 101
Free Download | Party 101 - Audio Push

For those of you who are inexperienced in the ways of turn-up, Audio Push and Travis Scott have you covered with this step-by-step process on how to throw a party. After you make sure you have the necessary ingredients — sexy models, a truck load of bottles, and a ton of fire weed — you need to get some live music going, and this song should definitely make your party’s playlist. The Hit-Boy & Boi1da produced instrumental is simple; resonating synth pads and hard-hitting 808 percussion back the anthemic lyricism. The Scott feature is brief, which might be part of the reason he’s been radio silent about this release, but the verses from Price and Oktane are both delivered and executed flawlessly. Cop the free DL and follow Audio Push on Twitter and Soundcloud to make sure your next party is up to par.

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Antidote – Travis Scott

June 30, 2015

antidote travis scott art

Free Download | Antidote - Travis Scott

I’ve always had trouble remembering where the dollar sign went in Travis Scott’s name, but after a seemingly overnight rebranding phase he’s decided to make it easier on people like me and just take out the dollar sign all together. In case you were worried that this would take anything away from the “thug-ness” of his music, Antidote was released this week to settle any doubts. Whether it’s girls, drugs, violence, or alcohol, all of your favorite topics are covered in this track. The single came with an album announcement too, and in Travis’s own words “THIS IS FOR THE REAL FANS!! THE REAL RAGERS!! THIS IS SOME VIBES FOR THE SUMMER….THIS ISNT ON RODEO….. IT’S COMING SOON.”. I don’t know about you, but I’ve always been a huge Travis Scott fan; he’s got that Kanye sense of artistry to his music and performances, which is easy to hear when you realize his attention to detail. You don’t have to look too deep to know what this song is about, so I’ll let the shallow lyricism and turn-up production hit your speakers without my help. Cop the free download and stay tuned for his new project Rodeo dropping sometime in the near future.

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Up For Days – Belly (Mixtape)

May 18, 2015

up for days belly album art

Free Download | Up For Days - Belly (Mixtape)

From Palestine to Canada, Belly has built a career for himself in Ontraio that’s yet to receive proper recognition in the States. Up For Days, however, is built to change that trend. With features from several notorious artists — The Weeknd, French Montana, & Travi$ Scott — it’s no wonder why this tape has been taking over the airwaves these past few weeks. As an affiliate of the label XO, branding is a priority, and in Belly’s own words, this project isn’t just another chapter in his career “it’s a completely new book”. Fat bass, ambient vibes, and hard-hitting quality production is consistent throughout the entire mixtape. Although every track is in the hip-hop realm, versatility is still a prominent characteristic as he flexes his ability to sing, rap, and write lyrics that touch on a wide spectrum of topics. If you’re looking for some highlights, my favorites were Might Not (feat. The Weeknd), Masion, and Who Am I. This is an artist you need to keep your eye on; not only is he talented, but he’s also extremely connected and motivated to leave his mark on the industry. He’s not going away anytime soon, so cop the free download, follow him on soundcloud and twitter, and bump this tape while it’s still hot.

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December 10, 2014



Party is one of OVO’s most promising artists, and his track record over the last year with the label has shown indisputable improvement since the release of his first self-titled mixtape. As he released the dates for his international tour, Jahron Brathwaite (PARTYNEXTDOOR) decided to release these 4 free singles off his PND COLORS project  to build some hype for his future shows. He opens the EP with an eerie, ambient, and hard-hitting OVO beat, a Ca$h Out feature, and countless hubristic assertions to lay all the circulating rumors to rest. The rest of the tape takes a more melancholy route, and showcases more of the slow-loving style that’s commonly associated with Jahron’s music. Not all guys can vibe to this sensual, supernatural, and R&B influenced sound that was originally coined by The Weeknd, but regardless of whether or not you like it, the ladies love it, so there’s no reason PARTYNEXTDOOR shouldn’t be in your music library.. If you like what you hear, cop the free tape and see if PND is coming to your city in the next few months. Enjoy.

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Upper Echelon – Travi$ Scott (OBESØN Remix)

October 7, 2014


Download Upper Echelon - Travis $cott (OBESØN Remix)

I love the Toronto sound, and OBESØN is a perfect example of what the cold Canadian city brings to the music scene. Of course you’ve heard the original track Upper Echelon off Travis’s debut XXL Freshman mixtape Owl Pharaoh, but I can say with confidence that you’ve never heard it sound this good. OBESON’s ominous and lead-footed production adds a new dimension to the track, convoluted instruments contrasting against the original acapella, while timely chimes and high-hats keep the track progressing. The only aspect I didn’t like about this remix is that it only included one verse, making it out to be a short 3 minutes remix that leaves you yearning for more. Don’t worry though, OBESØN has plenty of free tracks in his repertoire that you can listen to off his soundcloud, but if you’re feeling like showing love be sure to follow him on twitter and throw him a like on facebook.

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Days Before Rodeo (Mixtape) – Travi$ Scott

August 30, 2014


[soundcloud id=’47479282′ color=’#00f0ff’ format=’set’]

Download Days Before Rodeo - Travi$ Scott

Travi$ Scott has changed a lot since his last project Owl Pharaoh from last Summer, from being an XXL freshman to signing with GOOD music and taking direction from talented mentors, he’s pushed his music to a new level. The first thing you’ll notice is that Mike Dean, Boi-1da, TM-88, Lex Luger, WondaGurl, Metro Boomin, DJ Dahi, J-Hill, and Fki contribute on the proudction side; dark and heavy beats, somewhere between intense experimental and H-Town hip-hop.. Travis is living up to his potential, but I feel like fans who enjoyed his more indie/soft material are going to be disappointed. It’s a different style entirely, and although I wasn’t feeling every track on the tape (Zombies, Basement Freestyle, Grey), he’s earned a lot of recognition from the rap community. I’d expect some remixes to surface in the near future, but until then enjoy the project and follow Travi$ on twitter.


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Batman – Trinidad Jame$, Travi$ Scott, & Trini G

February 11, 2014


Free Download | Batman - Trinidad jame$, Travi$ Scott & Trini G

Today DJ Iceberg & DJ Outtaspace dropped their Retro Infrared tape hosted by none other then Trinidad himself and on that tape you can find this little gem. The beat is everything you could want out of a Trinidad track, and then some. Travi$ Scott doesn’t have a huge role in the song but with his signature “Striaght Up” ad-lib sounding off behind the instrumental he doesn’t really need one. Trini G picks up a piece of this banger and his Jamaican approach to the verse on song called “Batman” threw me off at first. Nonetheless it all comes together quite nicely and I think you’ll find the overall product quite enjoyable.