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Guys Like Us – Trey Palms & Dave Edwards

August 28, 2014


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I’ll be honest, this isn’t the conventional material we’re used to hearing from Trey. The vibe he went with on this track is leaning a little bit more towards pop rather than hip-hop, but he’s still able to pull it off and flex his versatility. The production from Dave Edwards plays a huge role in setting the style of the track; upbeat drums, 80’s dance synth, and a slew of other samples you’d expect to hear on a Katy Perry track. Not my favorite, but I’m sure for some of you it’ll be right down your alley. Throw Trey a follow on twitter.

Daily Hype Hip-Hop

Hold Up – Trey Palms & RAJA

July 10, 2014


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It’s seriously been almost a year since I’ve posted a Trey Palms track, but now that it’s Summer again it sounds like he’s back better than ever. After going through his soundcloud I realized I’d missed a few dope tracks, but none hold a light to this collab with Raja. The two artists play off the fat trance beat (Produced by Ambassadeurs & Keyan Behruz Sanai), describing the reality of trying to pickup girls at the bar and look more important than you are. It’s alright, not all of us are breaded, but if you can smooth talk well enough you might find yourself in the back of a cab with a 10. With better lyricism, crisper sound, and the backing of a very talented team, there’s no reason not to cop this free download. Stay tuned for his Image Is Nothing EP dropping in August and follow Trey and Raja on twitter.

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Good Something – Trey Palms

August 22, 2013


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Good Something - Trey Palms

Another fresh heart break track from Trey Palms hit my inbox this morning, and from the second I pressed play I knew it would be fire. The dope beat drops into Trey’s bed-breaking verse followed by a short yet catchy hook. Trey Palms has been winning the ladies over lately with all these love themed tracks, but still throws in some dope flows so that guys don’t feel guilty bumping this in public. No matter what your gender is, I hope you enjoy this laid back track.

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Cold Sweat – Trey Palms

July 25, 2013


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Not long after dropping his love heavy track I Hate You Trey Song’s brings us this JAYBeatz produced banger. It’s his second release of the summer, and he’s already proven he deserves to be in the lime light. Not just any artist can go from a slow melodic piano serenade to a bass heavy club banger, much less pull them both off. I don’t know man, Trey is looking more and more like a new UniversityHype favorite, let’s just hope he can keep this momentum going. Anyways, take a listen, everyone needs a “MONEY AIN’T A DAMN THING” anthem, you should make this one yours.

Daily Hype Hip-Hop

I Hate You – Trey Palms

July 22, 2013


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Download I Hate You - Trey Palms

I’m vibing to this song so hard right now, just had to share it with y’all. Trey Palms isn’t a very widely known name, especially since he hasn’t had a whole lot of new material this year, but this new single pulled him back into the spotlight for awhile. The song depicts Trey’s cheating girlfriend and they’re consistent ups and downs, and that despite her unfaithfulness he still can’t help but love her. Bitch made? A little bit. Doesn’t make it any less dope of a track though. Bump it.