Twiggy Lashes

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Dunes – Twiggy Lashes

June 23, 2014


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It’s been a long time since I’ve posted anything like this, and for some of you that might’ve been a good thing. I, however, dig this kinda shit; music to think to, draw to, sleep to, etc. The arpeggiating piano keys combined with the smooth snaps and bright vocals envelop the Indie Pop sound that this duo has pioneered. Although my original impression was that this was going to be a chill melancholy anthem, parts of the song were powerful enough to give me chills. What’s most incredible about this duo is that they live on opposite corners of the world; Jad Lee produces from Australia, and Sami Freeman sings and writes over his material from L.A. Check it out, if you like Indie music than you’ll love this. Follow Jad and Sami on twitter.