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11:11 – 11:11 (EP)

October 23, 2015

11:11 - 11:11 (EP)
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Let me introduce you to your new favorite R&B artist, the independent Toronto native 11:11 is a familiar face under a new name. When this came across my feed I knew this impeccable voice sounded familiar, and sure enough this is the one and only Tye Craig, who first graced our website with his single Out Here Girl back in May 2014, and again with S’all Good back in September 2014. After that he fell off our radar, and this is why. This isn’t just a rebranding phase for Tye; this is a new sound, a new artist who’s ready to step into the limelight and take what he’s earned. From front to back, this tape is immaculate. The tape clearly draws a lot of influence from the city’s sound; artists from the 6 are taking over with this dark, ambient, and bass-heavy production. Unlike his previous singles, this project flexes 11:11’s true colors. Although some of the tracks still retain a similar sensual sound, he’s clearly more aggressive, confident, and refined in his lyrics and delivery. Anthems like West Side, I’m Good, and Henny & Gin level out the slower bedroom songs. There’s no reason this project shouldn’t be playing through your speakers right now, cop it while it’s still hot and be sure to show 11:11 some love on Twitter and Soundcloud.

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S’all Good – Tye Craig

September 12, 2014


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It’s been a few months now since we introduced to you this Toronto-based R&B artist; when we heard from him last, we were premiering his downtempo, pussy-popping serenade Out Here Girl. To what qualifies as my disappointment, this new release from Craig remained in the exact same niche. The track seems to stumble out of the gate; the opening vamp creates an almost-unpleasantness that goes unresolved until the introduction of the beat. The instrumental, however, immediately shoulders the musical load of the song upon its twelfth-second entrance. A slow, reverb-heavy synth-beat, paired only by a haunting synthetic-choir backing him on the hook. As the beat crawls on, Craig reflects on a relationship with a fair-weather lover, both singing and eloquently rapping about waning faith in real relationships, dealing with the devil, and the eventual return to the money-raining, casual-sex-abound lifestyle of the rising star. The reassuring “S’all Good” certainly keeps the amatory and hubristic undertones relevant. Listen and follow.



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Out Here Girl – Tye Craig

May 9, 2014


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Are you ready to meet your new favorite artist? Tye Craig is a Toronto based singer/producer/rapper/mixer, needless to say, material doesn’t get much more original than that. The track art from Jon Lines is the only part of this track Tye didn’t make, and the neon motel sign depicts the vibe of the track pretty accurately. Tye creates a panning brass progression that sling shots you into heavy bass paired with a variety of cymbals and snares. As with most R&B artists, his vocals are the best part of the track. His distinct voice just glides along in perfect harmony with his sensual production, giving you the sort of fine-tuned sound only a self-producing artist can develop. Everybody needs tracks to get down to, and I guarantee you your girlfriend doesn’t want to strip to your work-out playlist. Set the mood right and cop this Tye Craig track, I guarantee you once you see her hips sway and drop to this beat you’ll know you made the right choice. Give him a follow on twitter, we’ll surely be watching for new material from him in the future.