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La La La – Naughty Boy & Sam Smith (urlchild Remix)

October 16, 2014


Download La La La - Naughty Boy & Sam Smith (urlchild Remix)

If you haven’t heard the original track by Naughty Boy and Sam Smith you need to come out from under your rock; the music video alone has half a BILLION plays. That being said, urlchild turns this already vibey R&B track into an ethereal masterpiece, sampling the hook and reworking the entire production. When we posted his first solo-work Like You/Falling For last week I remarked how his impalpable euphoric sound had me grooving and nodding my head, and once again he’s proven that he knows how to get people moving. Although seemingly simple, the synth, sample, and high-hat driven beat is the epitome of new wave house music; like 80’s influences colliding with the rhythm of modern EDM. Needless to say, this track is worth a listen, and exclusively downloadable right here on UH. Vibe out and expect more fire from this young Austin-based sensation soon.


Daily Hype Electronic

Like You/Falling For – urlchild

October 7, 2014


Download Like You/Falling For - urlchild

Urlchild, also known as Lil’ Transparency, was first introduced to us as a rap/R&B producer for the GRK collective, but when he took the spotlight and dropped this original mix I knew I had underestimated his shear creative aptitude. Where many producers might layer 20+ instruments on top of each other to create a seemingly complex sound, urlchild takes a simple beat and evolves the distorted-samples, light synth, and vibey electronic piano around it to create this ecstasy-filled melody. When the beat drops into the upbeat piano chords and redolent vocals, you can’t help but nodding your head in sync with the limpid yet innovative production. Check it out, cop the exclusive download, and show some love by sharing the good vibes with your friends.