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Poker For Marlboros – Vice Dali & Explicit

September 29, 2014


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This submission comes from Miami, Florida’s artist/engineer Vice Dali whom recorded this track after writing the orginal lyrics for a spoken word contest. He describes his music as “a creative way to soul search through the ideology crisis” and this poetic piece reflects that sense of inner conflict and skepticism Dali struggles with. This lucid, self produced beat implores the usage of dim brass instruments, and a soft piano to create a very classy yet low key sound. Which is perfect because with as much as these two young poets have to say about their inner struggle there’s no room here for an obnoxious, distracting beat. If you’ve ever had an internal power struggle, a war between the right and left hemisphere, or just felt like you’re head was a prison maybe you’ll be able to connect with the views of Dali and Explicit. Hit that play button one time, check out more from Vice Dali on his soundcloud, and enjoy yet another free release.