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I Think I Love Her – Luke Christopher & Foster The People

September 20, 2014


Download I Think I Love Her - Luke Christopher

Although we still don’t have a name for his forthcoming mixtape, Luke Chris is still habitually dropping great new material for free; this time over Wave Racer’s remix of Best Friends by Foster The People. While the heavy synth and seemingly scatter-brained production would throw most rappers out of sync, Luke seems to shine even brighter over the upbeat lucid anthem. Between the intricate instrument works, adroit lyricism, and heart-felt chorus, there’s really no aspect to criticize on this one. Enjoy the new Luke Christopher, follow him on twitter and join the hype before he blows up.


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The Dofflin – Cosmo’s Midnight (Wave Racer Remix)

September 9, 2013


[soundcloud id=’108768473′ color=’#00F0FF’]

Download The Dofflin - Cosmo's Midnight (Wave Racer Remix)

It’s easy to recognize the signature sounds of Wave Racer from the beginning of this synthy feel-good remix of The Dofflin by Cosmo’s Midnight. This track’s got a great variety of beats, slightly high-pitched vocals, and light bass to satisfy electronic music enthusiasts or those of you who just want a groovy tune to chill out to. Can’t really decipher those hypnotizing vocals but what does that matter? Press play if you’re ready to head into an electronic wonderland. Not a song that grabbed me at first, but the more I listened the more I was feeling it, so give it a shot.