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Gemini – What So Not (EP)

January 4, 2016

Gemini - What So Not (EP)
Free Download | Gemini - What So Not (EP)

I want to start off first by saying that this EP is definitely one of a kind, being that this project was the final work of the Aussie dynamic duo Flume and Emoh of What So Not.

My interpretation of this piece is that it’s about two adolescents (boy and a girl) who want to experience the world head first, so they decide to run away from home. Throughout the project, the lyrics describe their journey through the obstacles of this “life” accompanied by sick beats and unique sound effects. From an easy slow riding come-up to the long awaited intense rhythms of the climax it all comes down to questioning if they indeed went too far away from home in Death Drive, “If I run too far pull me back, back to reality…”. In Oddity, when they come back from their exhausting journey, they experience an internal resolve as to how they perceive this reality differently now than from before.

The “banger” award of this EP definitely goes to Arrows ft. Dawn Golden, which starts off with a synthesizer and a basic 4/4 kick drum pattern, but when the drop comes it gets broken down by a very full bass progression with bells sneaking in through the background. Before the next drop the “boy” takes some time to confess to the “girl” that he is falling in love with her on their journey.

I recommend checking out this project for any electronic music fans, especially if you ever want to throw a glow in the dark dance party, or if you’re getting the snoozes at work and need a little pick me up to better your focus. No matter how you listen to this, the EP is filled with slow upbringings and hardcore breakdowns that are sure to fit somewhere into your daily routine. If you like what you hear be sure to throw What So Not a follow on Twitter and Soundcloud.

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Tell Me – RL Grime & What So Not

March 11, 2014


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Download Tell Me - RL Grime & What So Not

Two of trap music’s biggest names, RL Grime and What So Not, teamed up to produce your newest go-hard anthem. With fat horns and resonating bass, Tell Me is a work of straight up filth, and I mean that in the best way. It’s no club-hopping tune. This is one you’ll be blasting in your jet-black whip as you and your crew prepare to destroy your city. If you get the chance, catch What So Not and RL Grime on tour this Spring so you can experience the trap-gods live.

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Touched – What So Not

November 8, 2013


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Download Touched - What So Not

I don’t know what it is about this new release from What So Not, but it’s got my head spinning in the best way. It combines some of the best elements of electronic music with unique samples, smooth breakdowns, and even some trap beats all up in the mix. At around 4:30, the track even picks up a Bhangra-Indian type feel that transitions in seamlessly. Producers Flume and Emoh Instead, under the alias What So Not, have been working on this track for about three years now and their efforts have paid off. Cop the track for free on their soundcloud and enjoy.