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I Could Be – Witt Lowry

November 14, 2014


 Download I Could Be - Witt Lowry

Witt Lowry is known for his emotional sample-heavy sound, and this new release encompasses that style perfectly. His unique voice and delivery really pairs well with Tido Vegas’s production. Reverberating piano and yet another unnamed female vocalist sets a somber vibe, an environment that Witt seems to thrive in. He touches a few personal notes throughout the song; lost love, pipe dreams, and fueling his motivation despite the negativity. It’s simple, powerful, yet somewhat elegant, so I’m sure those of you with a soft spot will enjoy this new track. As always, enjoy the free download and follow Witt Lowry on twitter, this surely isn’t the last you’ll be seeing of him on UH.

Daily Hype Hip-Hop

Lay Here – Witt Lowry

August 26, 2014


Download Lay Here - Witt Lowry

Ever since I first heard Witt Lowry I’ve been on the fence about him; he has a very distinct and unusual voice, and I haven’t been able to decide whether or not I love it or hate it. Lay Here is what pushed me over the edge and finally share him with y’all. The Tido Vegas produced instrumental samples an unnamed female artist, who really compliments Witt perfectly. He voices a lot of emotion behind the mic, which was kind of off putting when I first listened to him, but on tracks like this it just brings out the pain in his lyrics. Whether you’re laying in bed thinking about someone, or driving around thinking of someone laying in their bed, this track will be on the same wave length. Check out the rest of his material on his soundcloud if you like what you hear, and don’t forget that follow on twitter.