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No Type – Xavier Dunn (Rae Sremmurd Cover)

April 14, 2015


No Type - Xavier Dunn (Rae Sremmurd Cover)

Xavier Dunn is famous for his elegant reworkings of popular hip-hop tracks, and his rendition of Rae Sremmund’s “No Type” exemplifies his unique talent at it’s best. If you’ve heard the original track — which if you aren’t living under a rock I’m sure you have — than you realize how much of a transition this trap anthem required to sound like a sophisticated piece of work. A faster tempo and an acoustic guitar paired with sagacious drum-workings compile and build up into a symphony of live instruments for Xavier to disclose his sensual vocals over. Of course, if his voice wasn’t impressive enough, the entire track is self-produced, mixed, and mastered. The song truly speaks for itself, so hit play and get lost in the downtempo aura he created out of Rae Sremmurd’s hit single. Follow Xavier on twitter and check out some of his previous covers on soundcloud, you won’t regret it.

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Dalliance (Mixtape)

September 15, 2014


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“Dalliance” is another word for one-night-stands, short meaningless love affairs that don’t leave a scar, passionless and amatory relationships. I’ve been moving through the motions a lot lately, but acoustic/folk music like this has always helped me suspend time, it taps into your emotional side and provokes rumination. If your sentences have been tied with “had” and “have” knots, if you’ve been itching to get away from the same sites and safe sights, take the scenic route home today and let yourself escape to this mesmerizing compilation. 9 tracks, 9 artists, some covers, some originals, acoustic, not-so-acoustic, and 37 minutes of arcadian bliss. Ease your mind and enjoy.