Tropicana - Topaz Jones
Free Download | Tropicana - Topaz Jones

I honestly don’t know how I found this song, I’m pretty sure it was just one of the recommended tracks that show up after you listen to something on Soundcloud, but regardless, I’m glad I found Topaz Jones. The Montclair, NJ based rapper just came back from what seems to be a 2 year hiatus, but the development of his brand and sound is easy to see and hear just from spending a couple minutes on his page.

‘Tropicana’ is nothing like his last release Wasteland, but the switch up ended with an indie-reggae inspired hit. He sounds so comfortable behind the mic, and as a listener it’s almost impossible not to sing this hook and vibe out to the groovy instrumental with Topaz Jones. The panning pads, crisp percussion and cowbell, combined with the upbeat bass line and faint guitar rifts make for an unorthodox instrumental, but this sound is nothing shy of prodigious. It’s rare for an artist to come back from a break as long as Topaz’s and drop two great songs with elements of opposite genres, but whatever his plan is it seems to be working so far.

Check it out, and if you’re feeling it be sure to give Topaz Jones a follow on Soundcloud and Twitter to show some love.

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