Download Use Me - Jackson Breit & Carneyval

We’ve been keeping up with Carneyval for awhile, waiting for a free single like this to fall into our hands. Jackson Breit and Carneyval combine to make a groovy, jazzy, and genuinely funky vibe that’s driven by both of their incredible multifaceted voices. While we don’t share much pop-style music here on UniversityHype, Use Me is just the kind of song that makes you want to vibe out and dance like no one’s watching. Guitar solos, choir-sounding backup vocals, and a beat that sounds like something you’d hear out of highschool musical are all the duo needed to flawlessly sing their risque lyrics. If you’re being used in all the right ways, this song shouldn’t take much deciphering. Enjoy, and follow Jackson and Carneyval on twitter.

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