Watch Out - 2 Chainz (Curren$y Remix)
Free Download | Watch Out - 2 Chainz (Curren$y Remix)

Well we didn’t see this coming, but Curren$y has never been one to release his material in the same label-directed manner as his competitors. For this act, we got a taste of what Spitta can do on some foreign production. Whereas usually when we think of Curren$y we imagine his jazzy Jet Life branded production and smoked out low riders over smooth flows, but his rendition of Titty Boi’s “Watchout” falls far from his usual sound. The trap inspired instrumental, complete with its resounding bass and repetitive melody, definitely doesn’t seem like the type of song that Curren$y would hop on, but rest assured: he kills it. His distinct voice is the perfect contrast to the production’s unadorned sound, and although the track is only a short 2 and a half minutes he manages to squeeze out a few quotable bars and the promise of a future project ‘Canal Street Confidential’ coming out next week. Without a doubt, Curren$y is one of my favorite rappers; the imagery he uses is insane, and every time I hit play on a new release I’m satisfied with the result, regardless of who’s behind his production or who’s being featured. Give Curren$y a shoutout on Twitter and some love on Soundcloud if you like what you hear.

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